A miracle

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9:00 p.m

''So y'all telling me that Nikko brother Dice is the one who been stopping y'all cash and who got Jay shot?'' Ace asked.

Me, Eric , T, and Ty had all linked up at his crib to fill him in on everything. Now I knew Ace don't fuck around with drugs and ain't deep in these streets like the rest of us , but considering the fact he killed that Nikko and Dice trynna get any and everybody that was involved I'd say he had the right to know. Shit this is a nigga family we talking about we all family matter of fact and we gotta protect what's ours period.

It's been three days which means the girls back from they trip and that just makes shit more real since we gotta keep a hold of them and make sure they straight. Me personally I don't know this nigga Dice and how he get down, but shit I did hear a lot about him these past couple of days. The streets was now taking all of a sudden and I came to the conclusion that this nigga ain't nobody to fuck with, but shit all that talk don't put fear in my heart at all. I'm gone kill his bitch ass for what he did to Jay and what he trynna do now. It's not gone be easy at all, but shit I'm with whatever behind my people You gotta know that.

Because of him my nigga still unconscious in the hospital yo that shit hurt me a lot  because I know he ain't deserve that shit. Everyday and night I prayed that he shake back, but it seem like God ain't listening or something. I just want my brother back nah fuck that shit I need my brother back. He laid out in some hospital fighting for his life he can't even breath on his own man. Days just going by and it's getting harder and harder for me I don't know if I'll be able to handle this shit I mean right now I'd say I'm doing okay I guess, but how long am I gonna be able to maintain?

Shit we all trynna be strong, but knowing you could lose yo brother at any fucking second and you don't got a say so man that shit is mad wild it ain't right at all yo. It's like I haven't been myself at all I'm going crazy inside, but on the outside I'm trying to remain strong for everybody around me shit kind of hard man. I guess I'm just thinking about if all falls down and shit go left how am I gone cope? How am I gone be okay? losing a brother is tough and I'm not ready to witness that shit. Either way it goes we gotta take care of this Dice situation.

''That's exactly what we saying A shit crazy. Apparently he pissed about how you offed his brother. He knew we had beef with this nigga and now he coming at all of us including our families. We gotta make something happen ASAP.'' T said running a hand over his face.

''Shit I don't know why that nigga deserved it. Taking my girl away from me while she was pregnant. That nigga got what he deserved if I could go back in time I wouldn't change a damn thing B. Blood or not he got what he deserved.'' Ace said getting mad all over again. I think he was having flashbacks and shit which we didn't need. Ace was the silent killer if you didn't know don't underestimate my boy.

''Calm down A I get it I was there with you and shit, but we needa figure out our next move.'' T said.

''Yo I already told y'all this shit ain't gone be easy at all. Whatever we come up with we gotta think of it quick. It's been three days B and this nigga ain't made a move he probably plotting on a nigga as we speak. '' Eric said.

''Yo who you telling? This shit not just about us it's about our whole family too.'' I said shaking my head. 'MAN I'M GONE KILL THIS NIGGA FUCK THIS.'' I said getting up off Ace's couch and heading to the door, but T stopped me.

''Yo chill Drew I know you wanna get at him. We all do my nigga, but we gotta think of something, something real good bro one wrong move and we can lose it all.'' T said.

I calmed myself down and sat back down.

''Like what my nigga?'' I said raising my voice it wasn't on purpose, but I'm so fucking fed up.

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