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Social suicide. The worst thing to do in high school. When Kyro accidentally destroys hers and the most popular guys reputation just because of a nervous habit. They both become the biggest losers instantly. What happens when the two team up to show the school what they're made of? Damn...


(Jerro's POV)

Life is good. It really is. I've got everything I wanted and more, but other than that heck...

Am I amazing or what?

Yes, yes indeed I am.

To think Jerro Giovanni is this great really makes me wanna sigh sometimes, why? because I'm that awesome.


Seriously, damn it makes me want to chuckle how easy life is for me.

Every guy wishes to be me because of how much girls want me. Every girl wishes they were the one I wrapped my arms around them. Every parent wishes they could have a son this promising and every father... well wishes they had a son this epic.

Yes It's so very good to be Jerro Giovanni, and you know what babe? I'm loving it.

Already the first day of school and I got my all my pockets filled to the top with freshman's numbers. As much as this is the twenty first century with the whole let me put your number in my phone. Heck no.

I'll pluck the nice ones out of the batch and save the attractive to the UN-for later. Ah.. little naive growing women... How much I do adore them. Truly.

Sighing, I winked while passing by some juniors and closed my eyes to hear that sweet subtle cries of desperate girls squealing in the morning. Oh how much i loved and missed hearing that in the morning. It's good to be back J Percy Paige, it really is.

"Hey bro!" Matt shouted from afar.

"What up?" I grinned slapping his hand.

"You got Samantha last night?" Matt devilishly grinned.

"I got proof to show it," I smirked thinking of her pink panties.

"Sweet," Matt laughed. "Mine bailed."

"Wow, you serious?" I scrunched my face in concern. God the one thing I hated more then not getting laid is when girls... bail. "That sounds awful," I sympathized

"It was," Matt rolled his eyes. "I'm thinking she was scared," Matt posed. "Of my manliness."

"That," I laughed raising my eyebrows. "Or she had a yeast infection."

"You know," Matt put a sarcastic hand under her chin. "She did smell like cheese..." I busted out laughing as both Matt and I started making fun of Samantha.

I couldn't help notice her walking down the halls just at the moment we did start laughing. The tips of her ears went pink and with that Matt and I laughed some more.

"Catch ya' later bro," Matt nodded giving me one last fist pump and leaving. Smiling I ruffled my hair a little and turned around to see if Samantha was still there, but she was gone.

As crude as it was making fun of Samantha right then and there at the end of the day I really... don't care. Girl's are like milk cartons. You have to use them up until they expire, in other words until they get touchy or think you'e they're boyfriend.