Cartman x Kenny's sis! reader ((EDITED))

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~Warning swearing and bad spelling~

~Your POV~

Hi I'm Kenny's twin sister, I'm an immortal angel and I'm very poor but I have a lot of friends that care for me and love me, I have a best friend named Tweek and I'm in love with Eric Cartman... that's right the racist asshole Eric Cartman.

So today me and my friends AKA Stan's team, were in the park talking, playing some basketball and chilling out. Right now we are playing basketball, it's a two on two matches. I and Cartman are on a team vs Stan and Kenny....Kyle couldn't come, he is studying for a big exam coming up.

Our two teams are tied, I went to throw it but it missed and rolled onto the road "Hey cartman, can you go get the ball please?" I said tieing up my shoe "Fine" I said lazily, I watched him walk over to the ball but the sound of beeping meet my ears and without thinking I ran to cartman and pushed him out of the way. I was hit, it hurt so much even though I was immortal.

I saw the guys run to me, my blood was surrounding me and I felt numb, cartman looked at me with tears in his eyes. He fell to his knees and picked me up, "(y/n) w-why?" He said tears running down his face

"b-because i-i love you E-eric, y-you will see me s-soon," I said rubbing his tears away before I died me his arms.

My angel form descended from my body, Kenny looked at me and gave me a thumbs up and I gave one back before going up to heaven I kneel down in front of cartman and gave him a quick kiss on his forehead. I stood up opening my wings and flew off into the clouds...

~Cartman's POV~

I can't believe she is gone...I didn't even tell her that I loved her, I fell my tears flow free from my eyes, I didn't care if my friends saw my pain. I leaned into her face and kissed her cheek, I felt a hand on my shoulder and it was Kenny's, "Cartman, I hate to see you in pain but she will be back i promise..." he said calmly

"Kenny, she is gone, I didn't even get to say that I love her... she was my best friend and she is gone..." I said looking back at (y/n), I slowly pick her up and gave her body to Kenny, "I'm sorry Kenny but... I have to go home..." I said looking at (y/n) again, "It's ok cartman" Kenny said walking home.

Once I arrived home and walked straight to my room sitting on my bed, I finally broke all my emotion came out at once. My mom came in, "Hey Eric I'm home...Eric what's wrong" my mum sat on the bed with me, " love is gone... she died today in my arms... i love her so much... and now she is gone..." I said crying into my hands, my mom rubbed my back. After a few minutes, i fell asleep in my mother's lap... dreaming of my true love...

~The Next Day~

Today I woke to feel depressed but I went to school, I told mom I didn't want to go on the school bus so she drove me, once I arrived at school. I saw a familiar was (y/n)... I ran to her with tears running down my face again, she turned around and looked at me wide-eyed. I dropped to my knees in front of her crying into my hands, I felt someone's arms around my neck and there legs around my waist. I removed my hands from my face and put my arms around their waist, I look at the person and it was my love.

"Shhh....Eric, it's ok, I'm here..." she said calming me down, I calmed down and realized that everyone was staring at us but I didn't care, I removed her head from my shoulder and looked at me. I grabbed her chin and kissed her passionately, not caring about the people around us. I let go of her and we broke apart, "How you are alive?" I questioned in amazement

" I'm immortal," she said

"Really that's so cool! That means I'll never lose you" I said kissing her cheek.

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