Louis's P.O.V

"Where's Harry?" I shout. "Harry, get the fuck over here!"

"Shit. Fuck. How the hell did that even happen?" El demands. "Clara, wake up."

Clara's been passed out for the past two minutes and no one knows where Harry is. I'm starting to get seriously worried. El continues to try to wake Clara up, but she isn't responding. I tell Paul to call 911 and he listens. Within minutes, the ambulence is here to take her away and Harry is still nowhere to be found. I curse under my breath and get into the back of the ambulence with Clara. 

"What's wrong with her?" I ask desperately. "She's my best mate's girlfriend."

"She seems to be suffering from severe PTSD, posttraumatic stress disorder. It's not uncommon after experiencing a traumatic event. Has anything happened to her in the past four weeks that was traumatic in any way?" the nurse asks me.

"Um..." I hesitate. "Her mom died, and then she was...raped."

"And she hasn't seen a doctor or psychologist about this because...?" the nurse raises her eyebrows.

"Because she didn't want to. She insisted that she was fine," I explain. "We didn't want to force her into anything that  she would be uncomfortable with."

"It may be a good idea for her to start after this. She isn't reacting well to the experience, and it could have potentially very dangerous conseqeunces," the nurse suggests--no, more like orders. I just nod. Because it's true. We were stupid to not confront this sooner. "Her pulse is too quick," the nurse says to the other nurse.

"Clara, I need you to take deep breaths," one of the paramedics says, making his way towards her. "Deep breaths. You're going to be okay. Deep breaths." Sobs rip out of Clara's mouth, making my heart sink. Come on, Clara. Dammit. 

"Clara, come on," I whisper. "Breathe slowly. You can do it. Just calm down, okay? Harry will meet us at the hospital. You need to take deep breaths." Her breathing deepens, but she's still crying. She's having a nightmare. "We have to wake her up," I say. "She's having a nightmare. That's why she's breathing so quickly and that's why she's crying. Clara, wake up."

Clara's P.O.V

No. No, get away. I don't want to. No! Jace nears me, and I scream. No. 

"What do you want? I don't get it," the scene replays in my head.

"You're a whore. Can't you be a whore for me, too?"

{Warning: graphic scene. If you're uncomfortable reading graphic scenes, skip this. I'll write another message like this when the scene is over. Thanks! :) }

He kisses me, but they don't feel like kisses. Not like when Harry kisses me. These kisses burn like fire. It hurts. I cry out and struggle, but he ignores me. "Please. Don't do this." My shirt is ripped, and he yanks off my bra and pants so that I am left completely naked under him. He doesn't hesitate after putting on a condom before ramming into me. I scream. I cry. I wail. But no one hears me. I am completely and utterly alone, except for the horrible man above me who is banging me into the wall in painful thrusts. He squeezes my breasts and I cry out in pain. He's there for too long, grunting in pleasure at my pain. But then it's over and I'm empty. I'm nothing. I don't deserve anyone. I will stay here forever and Harry will never come for me. He will move on with his life and leave me behind, used and lost and broken.

Jace comes back the next day, this time with a friend. I recognize him, but I don't remember his name. I can't think. No. Fuck, no. I barely put up a fight this time, hoping that they'll get bored of me and leave me alone, but I have no such luck. They take turns beating me and hurting me, but I don't give them the satisfaction of screaming. I just lay there, numb and crying until they leave. I just want it to end. I don't want this. I want to die. Kill me, please. Please, please, kill me.

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