How It All Began

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  The morning sun shone brightly thought the cracks in the wall of Eva's shack, illuminating her room. She opened her green eyes then squinted from the Sun's light. It was time for her to get up and start her day, and she reluctantly sat up, the remnants of last night's dream fading away. She hated when she couldn't remember her dreams. Dreams were very important to her; they gave her a glimpse into everyone's lives. She knew what to expect of the day by deciphering her dreams.
   Eva's mother had been blessed with the same gift, or curse. Radiana was a beautiful red haired, dark skinned beauty who's gentle nature attracted many. She was a white witch; a free spirited  wanderer who lived for adventure. She had been passed the gift from her mother. Radiana's dreams foretold down to the science of things, and were very accurate. She sometimes frightened herself from what she knew. People called her a witch, and began to shun her from their public.
  Radiana left St.Martinville, taking nothing but a change of clothes, and traveled to New Orleans, where she was received and looked upon with value and merit. There, she used her gift freely, reading peoples' fortunes and making a nice living. She met so many different kinds of people; the Voodoos, the hoodoos, the card readers, the chicken man, and many musicians who all found her beauty captivating. Radiana felt like a queen. But to one man in particular, the married Alkay, she was a queen.
  Alkay and Radiana fell fast in love, sneaking off to be with each other as much as they could. Alkay's wife was a known hoodoo and had a feeling her husband was messing around on her. He'd come home, completely different after every tryst with Radiana, and his wife caught on.
   A baby was made from their union, and when Alkay's wife found out about it, she swore she'd do them all dirt. She worked a terrible root on her husband, causing him to go impotent, and would cause a deadly child birthing for Radiana. When her time came, the midwife did all she could, helping Radiana bring the baby into the world.
  Baby was doing well, but mother wasn't. As Radiana lay dying, she asked to hold her sweet baby. She looked at her daughter and seen her lover's eyes. Pain overwhelmed her, and she called the midwife close. "Her name is Eva...and she came from love.." Radiana died then, still holding little Eva. The midwife took the baby, wrapping her up in cloth. As she looked down at the sweet little beauty, she thought of what to do. She had long wanted a child of her own, but never had a man she wanted to lay down with before. She would keep this baby, naming her Crimson Eva, from all the blood that still covered her and her dark red hair. She took the baby home to her little house that she shared with her older sister, and the two of them raised little Eva.
   Eva grew into a wild, curious creature who possessed all of her mother's mysteries. She would always ask about her mother's background, listening with rapt attention when they would say, "All we know is that she came to New Orleans from St. Martinville, and that she was the best witch we knew! Your daddy was a good man, but he was a married man, and his wife the one put the curse on him and your momma!" Hearing this made Eva's blood boil. She vowed to find the woman someday, and do her harm. Her mother could still be alive today if she hadn't cursed her.
   Her mother's lust for adventure lived inside of her, and one day, Eva took her last stroll of New Orleans, debauching in every sin she could before leaving for St. Martinville, her mother's home town. After a heartfelt goodbye to her mothers who raised her, Eva left in search of finding communion with her true mother, and figured the only way was to go back to where she came from.
  The people of St. Martinville who still remembered Radiana were even more terrified of Crimson Eva, her creole witch daughter who came from New Orleans. The younger generation who may have heard tell of the fairy tale "don't go in the woods, they got a witch!" looked at this young woman as a harlot, coming down here with her wild New Orleans ways. They shunned her like they did her momma, and Eva, hard headed and bold as always told them, "Fuck y'all!", defiantly, when they refused her public housing and settled in an area beyond the forest, building her own shack. She took care of herself the best way she could, having saved a cache of money from when she was in New Orleans.
   The area beyond the forest was heavily populated by a tribe of Cherokee Indians who had migrated there, and had built themselves quite the village. There was trading and stores, but Eva liked to purposely go into town, where the African Americans hated her, one of their own. Just because she was black with wild red hair and tempting green eyes, they thought she didn't belong. She had her father's eyes and a mixture of his light brown skin and her mother's radiant dark skin and red hair. She was made from love, and she would always remind herself of that.
  Nevertheless, people treated her like shit when she'd go into town with a wagon. They'd laugh at her, mock her clothes, which she sewed herself, beautiful earthly exotic creations, yet to the people, country. They'd  sometimes refuse her service. Eva didn't give a damn. She walked with her head up.
   Of course, not everyone hated her. In fact, there were more than a few who admired her. Eva was about the struggle, and she never begged anyone for shit. Quite a few men lusted after her and her wild red hair. She was known as a witch, and this made her even more sexier and alluring to them. They could only dream about what the things this woman could do to them. Eva had a body to die for, and she knew it.
  Eva had wants and desires, and had herself a few hit and runs. She didn't want to be possessed by man. She fancied herself being chosen by some powerful spirit who would claim her, and honed her craft until the day would come. Her lovers would do anything she asked, and that is how she maintained in the forest. They'd bring her groceries and goods, all under the critics' noses. Their trek beyond the forest would be repayed with a lusty roll in her bed.
  Eva had also been born with the curse of bloodlust. Sometimes she had to taste blood or she wouldn't be satisfied. She'd suck on her lovers' necks, tasting the traces of their blood under their skin. It was enough to fulfill her. Her suitors would go home to their lives satisfied, but she alone would be the sufferer of their deeds.
   Deep in the forest lived Jupiter, a powerful practioner of voodoo. Initiated since a child, he possessed many powers, and people flocked to his stately shack for powders, potions and spells. Jupiter was a handsome milk chocolate god, hung like the devil himself, and went to bed surrounded by many women at night to satiate his lust. No woman could resist him, all but one....Crimson Eva. Try as he may, he could never win her over.
   It's not that Eva didn't think he was handsome enough or anything, she just felt that he thought too highly of himself with his bragged about harem. She herself had set up shop in the forest, reading fortunes for those who came to her. Her mother's gift lived powerfully through her, and her dreams told her of many things. Sometimes intimate things.
   Eva had dreamt of Jupiter before, his milk chocolate chest perfect to touch. He wore the paint of the ancestors, and his sex appeal seemed more enhanced. His grey eyes seemed like thunderclouds as he looked at her with desire. He was about to touch her when Eva woke up. That very same night, Eva decided to go into town. She felt like drinking and dancing.
  On her way, she passed through the Cherokee village. They looked at her warily, inspecting her strange clothes. Eva smiled respectfully and carried on about her way. She could see the edge of the forest, but was still a ways off. She came upon a farm, where she saw the most sexiest man she had ever seen.  His long black hair fell like a curtain of silk. He looked up from his work as she passed and their eyes met, the light of his torch lighting up his sparkling dark eyes. Eva couldn't breathe as he nodded a hello. She quickly reciprocated, then hurried along her way, his eyes on her shapely body, taken by her red hair. John Red Cloud had never seen such a beautiful woman.
  Eva made her way into town, where all of the black clubs were lined up down Main Street. She walked through the various neighborhoods, people wondering where she was headed. She found the club she was looking for, The Old Folk's Home. Sounds of swing out soul music played, and Eva's heart began to thump harder. She was ready for the night's adventure.
  She paid her money to enter, being looked at funny by the woman at the door. The security guard, a huge hulk of a man, eyed Eva, sexily. He would keep his eye on that one. He watched her curves as she made her way to the bar and ordered herself a drink. Eva  liked the music, and began to move in her seat. She turned to see no one other than Jupiter on the dancefloor, grinding his body sinfully against some big woman who was clearly enjoying it.
   The bartender placed her whiskey in front of her, and Eva took her eyes off of Jupiter as she drank. An older man sitting next to her offered her a cigarette, and she graciously accepted. He lit it for her and she thanked him, bobbing her head to the beat of the song.
  After a while, she felt hot breath on the back of her neck. "Crimson Eva!", said Jupiter, his thick creole accent sexy. Eva turned around to face him, slightly aroused from the way his breath felt against her skin. He gave her a sexy smile, his silvered bottom teeth and hair braided back making his already exotic look even more sexy. Those cloud grey eyes of his pierced into her soul as he looked her up and down.
   "How are you, Jupiter?", asked Eva. A slow jam came on. "I'd be better if you'd dance with me baby!", he said, holding out his hand. Eva thought about it, then took the last drag of her cigarette and dotted it out, standing. Jupiter eyed Eva's curves and smiled. Eva settled into his arms and the scent of his cologne turned her on. Jupiter's body felt good next to hers, and when her breasts rubbed up against him, she could feel his excitement. Eva moved her body to the beat, seductively, much to Jupiter's pleasure.
   Big Bertha, the woman Jupiter was dancing with before, got upset to see how much Jupiter was on this woman, his hands all over her. A fast funky jam came on, and Eva danced loosely, her bad mamma jamma of a body drawing attention from every man in the room. The older cats sat watching her, gold teeth gleaming under moustached smiles as they nod their heads in appreciation.
   By the time their dance had finished, Jupiter wanted Eva, and she wanted a drink. He followed her to her seat at the bar, rubbing his swollen manhood against her backside, turning her on. After having a few more whiskeys together, Eva decided to leave, with Jupiter in tow. " Come home with me!", he asked grabbing Eva's arm halfway through the dark forest. Eva wasn't afraid of the forest, for she ruled over the creatures that lived within. She pulled her arm free and said, "Hell no! Never! If you want me, you'll have to take me here! In my home! The forest!"
  Jupiter kissed Eva hard, pushing her against a tree trunk and lifting her skirt. When he found her naked lips, he slid his fingers inside her wetness. He pulled out his penis and rubbed it against her hot hole. Eva let him put it in her, grabbing hold of a branch to balance herself as Jupiter lift her unto his dick. He pushed inside of her, slowly, deeply, trying hard not to bang into her, not wanting to hurt her back against the trunk. Jupiter looked into Eva's beautiful green eyes and kissed her passionately, the feel of her insides  amazing.
  Up and up he thrust into her, ready to make her one of his women. Eva's loving was good, and he wanted to be able to access her love whenever he felt like it. Eva, reading his thoughts, removed herself off of his penis, denying him any further pleasure. As Jupiter stood, dick out and dumbfounded, Eva ran through the darkness, leaving him wanting.
   Meanwhile, in John Red Cloud's house, Tawny, his wife of two years, complained of  them not having enough money. As Eva made her return trip home, she could hear heated voices coming from the farm where she saw that gorgeous Indian man. She crept closer, so she could hear better.
   "Dammit John! We never have enough money! You're always in that fucking barn! What the hell do you do out thereYou need to go into town and get a job at the factory like the Lightfoot's!", yelled Tawny.  "John Red Cloud, I did not marry you to stay here in the fucking woods!"
  Eva watched as the man came outside, his walk sexy. John Red Cloud, huh. She continued on her way home, wet from her experience with Jupiter, and even more so from the sight of sexy John Red Cloud. His woman was crazy for treating him like that. If she had a man like that, she vowed she would weather any storm with him. But it was all wishful thinking. That sexy man didn't even know she existed. Eva continued on, looking back towards John's house. She could see his sexy frame silhouetted from the dim light that shone through his window. Eva thought she saw him staring at her, but that was impossible, right?
  As John Red Cloud stood on his porch, he thought he heard movement. He looked into the darkness and swore he saw that red haired beauty from earlier. He had heard tell of the witch that lived in the woods, but never knew she was so beautiful. A sudden heat enveloped him, and he longed to follow her path through the forest. John stepped off his porch and strode across his yard into the dark.
  Eva swiftly made it to her shack, going to her basin to wash her sexual secretions off. John Red Cloud followed along until he saw the faint glow of her lantern. He lowered himself into the brush, enchanted by what he was seeing. Eva stood in her basin, totally nude, pouring water all over her beautiful body. John felt himself getting aroused as he looked at her beautiful wild red hair transform into a mass of waves. The way the water fell down between her breasts onto her stomach, then between her legs had him mesmerized. Droplets of water fell from her beautiful nipples, and her wet bush.
  John Red Cloud felt ashamed at himself for spying on this woman during a private time. He moved away, wanting to sneak off unseen, but his foot snapped a branch. Eva heard the noise and covered her breasts with her hands. "Who's there?", she called. John Red Cloud moved stealthily, but Eva saw him leaving. He made his way back to his house, fire inside of him.
   Eva wrapped herself up and went into her shack, smiling and feeling like the most desirable woman ever. That beautiful man had seen her, and she knew he liked it.

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