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The dark shapes inside of Extra Dimensional Reality start to amass and begin to cast shadows of their own...

They take on their most ancient and fearsome forms to gather around Larissa, hoping to drag her down to a lower realm to consume her.

"I'm going to rip them to shreds," Larissa thinks, recalling her actions in this realm before.

She knows that others who have made this far out on the frequency band have never, ever come back... or at least that's what Col. Baldwin told her...

"In Extra Dimensional Reality, time disappears, effort disappears, and sense of self disappears..."

But not for Larissa...

She is overpowering, overbearing, excessive. There is too much Larissa for anyone (sometimes even for herself). Her stubbornness and singular point of view do not serve her well at home or in school, but now they are her only lifeline back to her body.

Back in the bushes, in the park, Larissa's pulse begins to race. And a tiny smile appears on her face, which mirrors her expression in another world, in her bright battle suit, as she prepares to fight.

Because it's fun.

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