A mask that looked kind of like a lollipop. You didn't have to think about who that belonged to.

"Do I really have to go with him?" Tobi was your friend, but nothing more.

"Yeah, you do," said Deidara. Tobi, on the other hand, was excited.

"For the next 7 minutes, you're going to be my new sempai!!!!!!!!!!"

"Well, let's get this over with." you said.

Kakuzu held the closet door open for you. "Get in." Tobi practically flew in there with a combination of excitement and hyperactivity, and you followed him in and shut the door.

"This is the closest thing to a real date I've ever had, lol!" Tobi said. That actually made you feel kind of sorry for him.

Not knowing what else to say, you said "yeah." And then you said, "Sooooo, how was your day?"

And Tobi said, " I pissed off sempai again, lol!"

"Yeah....." you said, and then you came up with a brilliant idea. "Hey Tobi, mind if I see what's under that mask?"

"That, my friend, is for me to know and for you to find out."

Dangit. Well, either way, you still felt bad that he had never been on a real date before. So, you kissed his mask. And, surprisingly enough, you kind of liked it. And you could tell that, underneath his mask, Tobi was blushing.

"7 minutes are up, you guys!" yelled Deidara. You and Tobi walked out of closet door hand-in-hand.

"What the f*** went on in there, for a bastard like him to be holding hands with her?" said Hidan.


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