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Pen Your Pride

As soon as we got to my house, the guys printed upstairs into my room to get ready.  "Kay!" I heard multiple voices scream.  "Haz!  Lou!  Z!  How ya been boys?" Kay yelled back as I came up the stairs with the girls.  "Mads!  Way to go!  You got yourself a Niall!" Kay hugged and jumped around with Maddy for a minute.  Maddy was dizzy when she was let go of.  "So what's the rush?" Kay sank down onto my bed as the guys trampled over each other to reach the closet first.  I don't think they realize that five people can't fit through the door all at once.  Doesn't matter that the closet has double doors.  "I was here first!" Harry yelled as they all struggled into the closet.  "I was born first!" Louis yelled and they all fell into the closet.  "Well, I'm Char's boyfriend.  Liam wins." that was obviously said by Liam.  "I'm Char's best friend.  I've known her my whole life.  You lose Liam." Niall tried arguing.

"What are we even arguing about?  Who's better?" Zayn asked.  "Yep." the other four responded.  "Then it's me.  I'm the sexiest one." he said.  "Sure, let's go with that." Louis commented.  It was quiet for a few minutes after that, and the five of them emerged from my closet.  Mostly clothed.  Neither Liam or Zayn had shirts on and Harry's boxers were hanging out of his jeans.  "Haz, pull up your pants." Hanna said.  He now has some one to boss him around besides me.  Sometimes, without me I don't even think any of them would get out of bed some days.  "Why?  His butt's pretty cute." Louis admired it from a few feet away.  "Now that's just wrong." Maddy said.  Liam turned around and went back into the closet.  I followed for no reason.  "What shirt are you wearing?" I leaned up against the wall in the closet.  "Not completely sure.  You want to choose?" he turned from the dresser to face me.  

I took a second before answering, looking at him.  His dark washed jeans hung slightly off his hips, revealing the top of his boxers.  His hair looked good, thought I know he's gonna redo it.  All of them are.  And don't get me started on those abs.  I could go on forever about how much I love those amazing abs.  He looked hot.  Extremely hot.  The way the light reflected off his perfectly toned muscles... man, am I getting off topic right now.  "Like what you see?" Liam asked.  Oh, I feel stupid.  I've been to busy staring at him, that I forgot to answer the question.  "Um... how about this one?" I pulled out practically the first thing I saw.  I didn't exactly want Liam to put a shirt on.  I was pretty happy about him not having one on.  "You hate this shirt." he said.  I looked at the shirt, and threw it back in.  I'm so distracted right now.  It's pretty sad.  A year of these abs, and still I can't seem to think straight around him with no shirt on.  I forced myself to focus on picking a shirt and ended up choosing a white tee and red hoodie.

"How about this?" I asked, holding it up for Liam to see.  "Perfect." he smiled and grabbed them clothes from my hand.  He folded them and placed them neatly on top of the dresser.  I became a bit confused.  "Have I kissed you yet today?" Liam pulled my waist towards him.  "Help jog my memory?" I smiled and kissed him passionitely.  "Do you remember yet?" he spoke into my lips.  "Not quite." I giggled and kissed him again.  "You should probably finish getting ready." I said and led him out of the closet.  Zayn, Harry and Louis had the door wide open to my bathroom.  They we all doing their hair.  "I should go join them." he kissed my cheek and yelled something at Zayn, but I didn't really pay attention.  "Looks like my boys have grown up." Kay sniffled fakely.  "Why's that?" Skye asked.  "They've all got their own little girlfriends." she clarified.  "Except Louis." Maddy had to add that one in there.  "Mads, shut up." Louis yelled from the bathroom.  "Love ya Lou!" she tried to make up for her remark.  "Love you too, but not gonna work." he caught onto her game.

Maddy crossed her arms and pouted.  "That always works.  He got smart." she said.  "Did you just say Louis got smart?  That's funny."  Niall started cracking up.  "It's not funny!" Louis took whatever he had in his hand and sprayed it all over Niall.  "Louis!" Niall grabbed the closet bottle and sprayed him with it.  "You say they've grown up?  You must be blind." I said to Kay.  By now, Harry got included in this fight and gel and hair spray was all over my bathroom.  "Break it up!" Liam and Zayn tried to intercept.  Niall, Louis and Harry paused for a second and looked at each other.  Louis jumped Liam's back and messed up his hair.  "Get your hands off my hair!" Liam tried to shake Louis off, but only ended up falling to the ground, Louis still on top of him.  "Fine.  Have it your way." Louis got off him and walked out of the bathroom.  Zayn was in a corner rocking back and forth, Niall and Harry lent up against the counter in hysterical laughter.  What the hell did they do?  

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