Chapter 40

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The following day rolled around and several people were nursing hangovers in the department. Connie left her office and walked up to reception. Dropping down her files, they fell heavily to the desk causing several people to complain.

"I'd appreciate you to do some work today." Sam smirked at her as she glared across at him before turning her back on him wandering along the ward. Frowning to himself he quickly jumped up walking along the corridor behind her.

He caught up to her at the end of the hall causing her to turn to face him. "Have I done something Con?" She folded her arms watching him. "I don't know, have you?" He shrugged shaking his head assuming it was because she had remembered what she said last night. "I don't think-" "Greg's gone home is what I remember you telling me, not I put him in a taxi to get rid of him so that I could get you to loosen up." "Ah..."

Sam nodded as Connie smirked at his recognition. Walking away he followed her keeping pace as she pushed the doors open. "It was obvious you weren't enjoying it, so I thought I'd make it easier-" "And by doing so eliminating the one thing that would stop me from sleeping with you too." Sam shook his head as she pulled a face waiting for an answer. "Well, all I can say is I'm surprised you held back on that part... You know, seeing as you were missing it so much."

Connie strolled past him leaving Sam stood there confused at the complete change in attitude from Connie. She had been the one putting further barriers between them, despite the friendship they had quickly built up once again. Seeing her acting this way was putting conflicting thoughts in his head.

Deciding better than to go after her yet again, he returned to work getting on with his shift. Connie spent most of the time in her office making her way through the stacks of paperwork she had so that she could enjoy the weekend, work free. Greg had left for a conference at lunch time meaning she would have a peaceful weekend.

As her shift drew to an end she entered the department to see that everyone was in fact working this time. Sam stood at reception as he glanced up to see her walking closer. "How's your patient?" "Being transferred as we speak." She nodded looking along to the ward. "Good. Glad to know you're not letting everyone down."

Sam caught hold of her hand discreetly stopping her from walking away. "Is this all because I told you to leave last night?" Connie moved her hands to her hips as she stood before him watching him squirm. "Because I can't understand what part of that was wrong." "Did I say it was that?" "No-" "Well then."

Turning away Sam only followed her into her office, shutting the door behind himself. Connie couldn't deny the part of her that was annoyed with how he acted last night, but she knew why he did. "Con, please... Have I done something?" She shook her head turning around as she ran a hand back through her hair. "No... No, I'm sorry I guess I'm just annoyed with how last night turned out, that's all. Didn't exactly go out planning to see my partner get so drunk he was put into a taxi by someone else I'd slept with."

Sam smirked as Connie hit his chest. "It isn't funny." He shrugged pushing his hands into his pockets. "Kind of is though-" "Sam I will hurt you." He arched a brow as she turned away from him. Moving forwards he wrapped an arm around her waist lifting her up. "Sam!" He placed her feet back to the ground but refused to let go.

Connie placed her hands on top of his as he remained holding her. "Want to let go?" "Want to explain why you're upset with me, and don't lie." She fell quiet for a moment unsure of her answer. Of course she had been acting funny with him, there had been a moment last night when she was convinced of how it would all end... But it didn't.

Turning round in his arms she looked up at him. "I'm not upset with you-" "Could have fooled me." Pushing his chest he stepped backwards as she slipped free from his hold. "I'm annoyed with myself, not you. It's just easier to blame you." He frowned stepping closer as she was forced to look up at him. "Annoyed with yourself for what?" "Wishing something would happen? Wanting to be with you again? I don't know..."

Lifting a hand he brushed her hair back from her cheek, the proximity they found themselves in too much for her. "Connie-" "Sam please, don't." She sighed moving around the desk stopping the conversation from going any further despite knowing it needed to.

Deciding to ignore it, Sam changed his tone. "You off?" "Yup. Paperwork's done, surgeries are clear and I can't stand the sight of half the people here."

He nodded as she picked her bag before glancing to him again. "Have a nice weekend." She nodded without a word before moving to the door. Pulling it open, she stopped for a moment looking back at him. When he realised it hadn't shut again, he looked up at her. "What are you waiting for? Haven't you got someone to get home to?"

Falling quiet again, she dipped her head wandering out of the office as he followed. Connie left the department without another word as Sam's eyes followed her until she was out of sight. He was so confused as to where he stood with her right now, he couldn't deny the mixed feelings he was getting from her. It was unlike Connie to be so unsure of what she wanted like this.

At home, Connie was pleased to have sometime alone. The peace and quiet helping to wipe away the day. Standing upstairs, she dropped the towel before putting on some clean underwear and slipping into her dressing gown.

With the fire on downstairs, she sat on the sofa with a glass of wine relaxing for the first time that week. Last night had been a disaster and she was now aware of why she didn't go out with her staff. Picking up her phone she did the same thing she always did and flicked through her photos.

Glancing through them she smiled until she stopped on something. She thought she had got rid of everything, but she must have missed one. Connie couldn't help but smile at the image of herself with Sam from the consultants ball. She had no idea who had taken it, but she looked happy beside him. His eyes were solely on her and it was clear how much he cared for in that one image.

Shaking her head she locked her phone throwing it to the sofa. Groaning she dropped her head backwards trying desperately to eradicate the thoughts of him from her mind. She shouldn't find it so hard, but then things had never been that simple between her and Sam.

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