#1 Fiery Obsessions

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Two To Love – Sophie Oaks (Published, Not On Wattpad)

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Chapter 1:

Our eyes met from across the room and I could feel that familiar stirring of lust in my womb. My inner muscles clenching as I watched him move to the beat of the music that pounded through the club, through me. Drawing me in with the promise of ecstasy in his eyes that were locked with mine while he ran his hands over the body of the unknown woman standing in front of him.

The danger surrounding his dark form called to the wanton woman in me, the one that craved a pleasure more darker, more thrilling and I couldn’t help but cream at the thought of what he would do to me.

What we could do together.

By their own volition, my feet moved me closer to him. His eyes watching the sway of my hips as I danced through the crowd. Grinding seductively against anyone who pulled me to them to show him what I have to offer. My body growing more moist the closer I got to him, my core aching as so many hands ran down my body while his eyes hungrily followed each one.

Finally I was standing in front of the dark stranger, excitement and desire making my heart pound in my chest as he abandoned the woman he had been dancing with to pull me into his arms. Lifting my one leg around his waist before sliding his large, rough hands up my legs to settle on my hips. Pushing my core tightly against his leg as he moved us to the sensual beat of the music thrumming through us. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he dipped us low, throwing my head back to allow him access to my sensitive throat.

My lips parted as I panted in need when his hard lips settled on my skin.

The evidence of his desire pushed hard against me and I knew, without a single doubt in my mind, that I wanted him to take me there.

Right in the middle of the undulating crowd where everyone could see us and hear us.

I knew I would let him fu-


“Hey, what you doing?” Sasha jerked in surprise at the sound of Jesse, her one good friend who worked with her, talking behind her. Bursting the haze of desire she had been lost in as she wrote in her ‘diary’, which she quickly hid away before turning around. Trying hard not to blush as she met Jesse’s curious brown eyes.

“Not much, just writing something down before I forget about it.”

“Oh, I’m heading down to Lou’s to discuss some details for the baby shower and maybe grab a bite to eat. Do you want to come with?” Jesse asked, absent-mindedly rubbing the swell of her stomach which was growing bigger with each passing day.

“You ask the boss?” Sasha asked with a grin even as she rose from her chair, she already knew the answer since Jesse had the Big Man wrapped around her little finger.

There were definitely some perks from being married to the boss.

“Of course, he said to take as long as we need to.” Jesse said with a grin of her own as she winked at her second husband, Nauti, when he walked passed Sasha’s booth.

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