Tristan was impressed how much effort Vincenzo had made to memorise everything about the file. Of course if you had an FBI file you couldn't carry it around risking getting arrested for stolen information. The best practice was to act immediately  on the information to memorise it like how Vincenzo had.

As they got closer to the tent in the front yard, Vincenzo spotted a familiar figure standing in front of the tent, talking to other boys.

Tristan raised an eyebrow " It seems like your uncle's family is here... Vitale is good at getting a crowd around himself..."

Vincenzo muttered " He sure is..."

As they approached the boys, Vitale walked to Vincenzo and embraced him " Hello cousin... How are the Irish treating you in this place..."

Niall started coughing " Much better than Italians..."

Vitale broke apart from Vincenzo and turned to Niall " You want to repeat that..."

Sebastiano suggested " Lets play tossing coins and punches..."

Vitale spoke "Let's do that... I go first and then Niall..."

Vincenzo shook his head laughing at his cousin... This was a favourite game of his.... Each boy tossed a coin. If it was heads, every one got to punch the guy. If it was tails, then he chose to punch someone from the crowd. They took turns for as long as possible until someone forfeited.

Of course no one forfeited... The boys had to stop when the lights went out and they had to sleep to show respect to the host... The boys were laughing and joking as they entered the tent but two boys remained outside. Vitale and Vincenzo. They were silently staring at each other and had stayed behind with the excuse to drink some soda.

Vitale took a sip from his soda and suggested " Take a walk with me to the beach... This camp leads to part of the harbour that's free right now... I asked. We can go there..."

Vincenzo nodded as he took sips from his soda.

The boys walked to the beach and sat down in an area that was quite desolate and guards on watch were quite far from them to hear them speak.

Vitale finished his soda and turned to Vincenzo " How is life?"

Vincenzo sighed as he swallowed the contents of his soda in one go. He put the can away and laid down on the grass looking at the stars " How is yours? You start...."

Vitale put the can away and laid down on the grass on his stomach as he put his hands under his chin staring at Vincenzo " I don't know where to start... You tell me..."

Vincenzo suggested " When are you clearing her? When is she going to be out of danger..."

Vitale sighed " I honestly don't know... It's not looking good... There is a prize on her head... I need you to carry on protecting her..."

Vincenzo put his hands under his neck as he stared at his cousin " I will carry on protecting her. I will never break that covenant with you Vitale... But she is pushing it... She is testing my patience. I might kill her one day so you better sort this mess out and claim her as yours soon..."

Vitale stated " Its not that simple... She nearly killed a Luciano... They don't care if she accidentally did it. They see it as an attempt on The life of one of their own... You weren't there so you don't know how bad it looked... She started playing with this gun and then bam... She fired a shot in the middle of a wedding in Sicily... The damn bullet hit the bride's car... They want her blood ... How can I defend that?"

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