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Bella POV 

I walked downstairs, into the living room and saw the Cullens there including paul and Jake. Paul was wearing a button-up white long sleeve shirt which clung to his abs, he rolled the sleeves up to his elbows. He also wore pair of black jeans and dress shoes. 

I walked up to Paul and kissed him lightly on the lips. He wrapped his arms around me, this continued for a few moments before we were rudely interrupted by a cough. We separated and looked at the cougher- Edward. I rolled my eyes and snuggled happily into Paul's chest. 

"Okay, before the happy couple goes, pictures!"Alice squealed as she came down the stairs holding a camera. I inwardly groaned. More pictures, YAY! 

"Okay, I want you two lean towards each other as if to kiss."Alice ordered. We leaned towards each other as the kiss, then a flash went off. 

"Next one."Alice chimed, "Paul hug Bella from behind." I head Paul huff and stepped behind me, hugging me into his chest. Alice along with Esme took the picture, but what we all did not notice was Edward slipping out of the room. 

Edward Pov

I snuck out of the room and quietly zipped up the stairs to my room. I took out my phone and dialled a number. 

"Hello?" It was a female voice. 

"Victoria." I said. "The Volturi are now involved."

"Why!" Victoria hissed, "how do they know?"

"They have been keeping tabs on us." I said, "I do not know for how long though."

"Then find out or the plan will not work." Victoria exclaimed. "you need her because she is your mate, and in return you are letting me kill the mutt."

"I know." I said, rolling my eyes in annoyance. "But what are we going to do about the Volturi?"

"Leave that to Riley." She said," he is coming up with plans to ruin them." Call ended. 

I put the phone on my bed and zipped back down into the livingroom. I saw Alice give me a perplexed sideways glance, and then continued with the photos. 

Bella Pov

As we were taking the photos I noticed that Edweirdo had disappeared somewhere. Who knows anyway. Probably to bang Jessica. I shook the unwanted filthy images from my mind. He should be grateful that I do not tell her what he really is. Alice started to direct us again, about how we are supposed to be positioned for the photos. 

"That's enough Alice." Carlisle said. " they have to go now." Alice huffed angrily and put the camera down on the couch. 

"Fine, Bella you are taking photos." She said looking at me, expectantly. I nodded in mock defeat. I got out of Paul's arms and hugged Alice. 

"Don't miss me too much." She joked. I laughed. 

"Won't."I replied. Next I hugged Rosalie.

"I'm glad to have you as my ALMOST half- sister." Rosalie said hugging back. 

"I'm glad too." I said, I was pulled into a crushing bear hug from Emmett.

"You will not be getting any sleep tonight." He jokes, but got hit in the head from Rose. 

"Oh ha ha." I said, "Like you get any action." He put his hand up to his unbeating heart in mockery. 

"She got you!" Jake laughed. "I'll make sure that he doesn't get any while you're gone."

"Why you." Emmett said before tackling Jake to the ground. They wrestled for a couple minutes on the ground before they realized that we were looking at them. They sheepishly got up and separated. 

"We'll continue this later." Emmett said, pointing his finger at Jake, like he's a little kid. 

I then hugged Esme and Carlisle, tightly. I told them that they were like my second parents. 

"The car is here." Alice announced from the door. 

Paul and I said our final goodbyes to the family, excluding Edward of course then headed out the door. When we got out the door the guests had lined up on either side of the stairs and walkway leading to the car. They started to clap and cheer. As we walked down we heard shouts of 'çongratulations!'and 'have a safe trip!' 

The driver opened the door and we got inside. The door closed and we were on our way to the airport. 

"Where are we going?"I asked, looking up at Paul.

"You'll see when we get there." He said, taking ahold of my hand and intertwining our fingers.

"Can I at least get a hint?" I pouted. 

"Nope." He said smiling. "You'll see when we get there."

I huffed at his secrecy. I looked out the window as we left the Cullen house and driveway and began driving on the road. As we drove through Forks I heard a howl in the distance, deep in the woods. The driver turned on the stereo and music began to play. We past Forks High School, Newton's Store, the Restaurants, and the Police Station. We got on the highway and began the long drive towards the airport. 

Phone beeped Message: 


 Just so you know a put a couple lingerie in your bags. *wink wink* 


The hell Alice! What are you trying to do?!


There is nothing wrong with being sexual active on your honeymoon Bella


Fine, but if I find out that this had to so with one of your visions. You will be getting a call from me. 


LOL. See you in a week.


Oh ha ha. Cya. 

I turned my phone off and laid my head on Paul's shoulder and fell asleep. 

(A/N Sorry for the late up date. It's almost time for their Honeymoon. I wonder where they are going?)

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