Chapter 37

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As Connie lay in bed that morning she looked over to Greg who was still asleep. After speaking to him last week, their evenings had been different. Each night she came home to something they didn't normally do. One night he had cooked dinner for her and they'd spent the evening outside as Greg had decorated the entire porch with lights and flowers. Another evening she came home to see the living room entirely transformed with a film on the TV and the fire lit.

The week had proven that there was something more to this relationship and had helped ease any doubts in her mind. But after finding out about Sam, she couldn't help but think she wanted something more from life than just someone to come home to at night. She wanted a family, someone to care for.

Dropping down onto her back she stared up at the ceiling before feeling movement from the bed beside her. Over the last few weeks Greg had been thinking about what he had with Connie. She meant more to him then she knew, but he couldn't seem to show her that. After hearing Sam's news, it only made him think about the future even more. He just wasn't sure where she stood with thinking about that.

Turning onto his side he saw her sitting awake distracted, a good time as any. "What do you think about kids?" Connie frowned instantly turning her head to face him. "They're annoying and get in the way, especially when the parents are no good-" "No I mean about having them, you and me." Connie sat up holding the cover against her chest as he watched her. "What?"

He shrugged slightly moving a hand to the small of her back as he traced his fingers back and forth. "You want children?" It had been the last thing she expected him to say when she woke up that morning. "I just, I've been thinking about it lately... About making things with us more serious." "A family?" He nodded as she bit the inside of her lip gently. "Really?"

Greg laughed pulling her back down to the bed beside him. "Would I say it if I didn't mean it Connie? Anyway, I think you'd be an amazing Mummy." She couldn't help the smile that spread across her face at the mention. "I love you Connie Beauchamp, and I'll do whatever it takes to prove that to you." "Next you'll be saying you want to marry me."

He didn't deny it and Connie found herself looking up to him somewhat expectantly. "And what if I did?" She was lost for words, unsure of whether it was something she wanted or not. "Don't worry, I don't think I'm quite ready to make you Mrs Douglas but how about this... I promise not to give that name to anyone else but you." Connie lifted her hands either side of his face as she smiled. "Sounds perfect to me."

He smiled leaning closer as he kissed her back before she lifted her head to rest against his chest. "I love you..." "I love you too. Promise me you'll never think I'm with you for one thing only again." She paused for a moment before feeling his fingers lace through hers. "I promise." He ran his hand up and down her back as she settled against him again.

Several weeks went by and Connie found herself feeling better about things again. Her relationship with Greg seemed to be getting stronger and he was genuine with his support of creating a family with her. She had never thought of being a mother as much as she did now, and with the thought firmly planted in her mind it was hard to ever ignore it.

She sat outside as the sun shone above her, a gentle breeze blowing through her hair. Unaware of the approaching body she continued to stare out over the gardens. "I wandered where you'd gotten to." Connie turned round to see Sam taking a seat beside her as he handed her a coffee. "Don't lie, I saw you in the window watching me earlier." He smiled as she returned it gently before looking down to her hands.

"How's Emma and the baby?" "They're doing well... She's suffering with sickness quite badly and isn't sleeping too great, but won't listen to anything I say so something is normal." Connie nodded as she sipped her coffee. "How's things with Greg?" Connie bit her lip as she nodded once again keeping her eyes low. "Umm, yeah they're good..." "Buuuut?"

Connie shook her head looking up to him. "No buts... We've been, talking. About starting a family." She let her eyes fall quickly to avoid seeing his expression at all. Sam was surprised at her admittance and noticed how she dropped her line of sight from him instantly. "Wow... Wow, hadn't been expecting that."

Sam looked up ahead as Connie stayed quiet beside him doing the same. "You don't think I should." "No, no-" "But you're not happy with the thought of it." Connie turned to finally look at him as he pulled a face. "Sam don't lie to me-" "I'm just surprised, that's all... I mean a baby with someone who cheated on you, it's just not something I ever imagined someone like you saying."

Connie stood up scoffing as she began to walk away before turning back. "Are you forgetting the small minor detail about the number of times we slept together too?" "Of course not, but I just didn't think you'd have a child with him." Releasing a heavy breath she shrugged glancing up at him. "Well, maybe things change." "Clearly."

They remained outside, neither sure of what there was to say to the other. "Maybe this baby was exactly what we needed to finally stop everything we'd been letting happen." Sam nodded as he stepped closer leaning against the fencing beside her. "Yeah, maybe..." He looked up to her for a moment. He wanted her more than anything, but he knew that wasn't the case for her anymore.

It took so much effort on Connie's part to not say or do something part of her would regret, despite the large part of her that would be happy with it. "I need to get back inside... Look after her, and don't piss off a pregnant woman. It's never a good idea." He nodded with a small smile before she left him standing outside alone with his thoughts.

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