|Markiplier| "Respect"

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You sighed as you continued to scroll through the patronizing comments on your video

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You sighed as you continued to scroll through the patronizing comments on your video.

'You're just like Pewdiepie...'

You: 'Look, I didn't mean to sound offensive, and don't drag Felix into this!' You typed back, a tear rolling down your cheek. You sighed once more, waiting for a reply.

'You're all just the same... Inconsiderate...'

You slammed the laptop down and walked away. You turned off your phone, your wifi. Everything, and laid in bed, tears falling onto your pillow. You continued to sob for the next few hours. Meanwhile, many other YouTubers that you knew began to worry about you; they'd tried ringing you. No answer, Texting you. Not even seen.

Days later.

The same routine continued for at least a week. You hadn't moved. All you wanted to do was starve to death and finally be free. You were weak and helpless. The door had continued to bang, you heard the police around there at one point, saying they couldn't get in without permission, Which caused a fuss. Videos had been put up for you, Felix tried helping, he got many of his subscribers wanting to get you back on your feet. However, you didn't know how hard they were working. You'd cut contact with everyone. You reached for your phone. Turning it on. The apple lit up the screen until it revealed your lock screen, which showed you all at Vidcon the previous year. You sniffed as you saw the hundreds of messages appear on your phone.

Markimoo <3 - Y/N You there?

Jackie - Hey (Nickname) You alright love?

Felix - Y/N Marks worried sick, you alright?

Mother - Y/N Hey darling, are you okay, I'm worried about you.

Father -Hey Kiddo there's a massive search going on for you, answer one of us, please.

You glanced at the messages and smiled softly; you scrolled down noticing a video Mark had uploaded. 'Respect.' You clicked it and began to watch.

"So recently, there haven't been uploads, as I've been worried about a particularly amazing and beautiful friend of mine. Y/N Or as some of you may know her as, (Channel name). Now all those who decided to patronize Y/N have affected her. She's still human, she has apologized for what she said, it wasn't meant to sound offensive, but as usual, the media have twisted her words so that they looked nasty. Which has led her to..."

He began to tear up.

"I don't know; she hasn't answered anyone's calls, we've been over, no reply, Who knows whats going on in her head. Look, we all deserve respect. No one should have to feel like Y/N has been. I would never blame this on anyone, but for Y/N's sake. Some people have hurt her..."

He teared up; tears began to fall from his cheeks.

"Honestly. Some videos I've done with Y/N. There aren't enough. I love Y/N so much, and I don't just mean as friends, I mean as more than that, and I haven't had the chance to tell her... It's going to be a short video here today, but if any of you have any information on Y/N, please tell me as soon as possible... Y/N if you're watching this... Please, text me, that's all I ask. Goodbye guys..."

And that was it. The video ended. Your eyes widened as you blushed, tears forming from your eyes.

"What have I done..."

You looked at when the video was published.

"A few days ago..." You got up from the bed, jumping into the shower, regretting the things you'd done. You quickly got changed and ran outside. You got in the car and drove towards Marks place.


"Hello guys, so today, it's another day without Y/N... It's hurting a lot now. But I need to keep myself busy, so I thought I'd do a Q and A with you guys, so start asking questions while I get some food." He chuckled, as he began the stream.

You continued to drive down the road until you pulled up to Marks house. You smiled and sighed slightly, knowing that Mark was most likely going to be angry with you. But you needed to make things right. You slowly walked up the yard, stones crunching beneath your feet.

*Knock knock*

Mark had a mouth full of food as he said 'One moment' to the stream. He hobbled over to the door opening it, revealing you. His eyes widened as he embraced you, in a tight hug. You smiled placing your arms around him, crying onto his shoulder.

"I'm so sorry..." You sniffed.

"What matters now is that you're here." He kissed your forehead which caused you to blush. "C'mere." He dragged you to where the laptop was. You sat down next to him, which caused the comments to blow up.


'She's back.'

'Get the others!'

You waved and smiled, "I'm sorry guys. About the last few days, I've had some time to think, and I'll never do it again. I promise." Mark embraced you again, placing a kiss on your forehead, you blushed, and that's when comments rushed in even text messages from Felix, Jack, and Emma.

Felix: Aye finally. We all knew that (Mark and Y/N Ship Name) was real. Welcome back! :) <3

Emma: Awe finally! Look after him. <3

Jack: Might be able to get the fans off my back now haha. Congrats.

Comments on the live stream came rushing through, shipping the two of you together.


A few years later, you glanced at your phone.

Markimoo <3 - Hey hun, mind coming over, need to show you something. Love M XxX

You replied back, smiling. You grabbed your keys and your coat, getting in the car.


Mark stood with the camera, in a suit. He set up the live stream and smiled towards it.

"Hello guys, Mark here, today is something... extraordinary. Today is the day I ask Y/N L/N to marry me; I have the ring here." He showed the ring to the camera which caused a flood of comments to flood in. "Now I need you all to be quiet, Y/N doesn't know, please don't say anything or message her. That's all I ask. Thanks." He smiled towards the camera before turning off the lights. "Ready?" A knock sounded throughout the house.

Back to you:

You walked in calling out his name "Mark, you alright? Mark? Where are you?" You called out. You searched for the light. "Mark!"

A candle lit in front of you, you looked over at it, noticing Mark holding it, a smile on his face. "Mark? What are you doing?"

Lights came on around you, revealing the man, now on one knee with a black velvet box in his hand.

"Y/N L/N would you do the honor of marrying me and becoming my wife?"

You gasped slightly and looked over, tears welling up in your eyes. You ran over tackling the male in a crushing hug. You kissed him and embraced him again.

"So that's a yes?"

"Duh." You stuck your tongue out.

"Oh by the way." He began sliding the ring onto your finger. He pointed towards the camera. You looked over and blushed.

"Mark!" You squealed. Looking towards the camera, you raised your hand. "I'm getting married guys!"

Mark made you very happy from then on.

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