Chapter 36

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As the weeks passed, Connie and Sam found themselves talking a lot more. Unlike before, they were able to pass one another with a smile. Connie fought the urge to say something that would land them back at the start of this mess again and unbeknown to her, Sam was doing the same.

"How was the meeting?" Connie's head snapped up as Sam fell into step with her. "Really?" He shrugged pushing his hands into his pockets as they came to a stop beside her office. "I thought you might have become friends with Hansen too, it's all the rage at the moment... You, having friends."

She walked past him into her office without a word but couldn't help smile as she heard his laughter before the door closed. Sitting down at her desk, she had to admit how well this all seemed to be working, being friends. She'd assumed it would be difficult, that things would happen between them but maybe it was past that stage now.

Connie was thankful for it, whatever it was. She knew she needed the contact with Sam but she needed it on her terms and not what it was before. There was a knocking at the door causing her to lift her head as she switched her computer on. Greg came inside, peering around the door with a smile. "You busy?" "I run a department, no I have all the time in the world."

He smirked sarcastically as he came inside and sat on the sofa. "Did you just come in here to watch me?" "Depends what you're offering there." She shot a glare across the office at him as she remained firmly at her desk. "Connie?" "What?" He continued to watch her until she twisted her chair to face him. "What?" "Come here."

Rolling her eyes she got up from her chair and moved across the office to sit beside him. "What?" Greg picked up her hand as her expression softened. Leaning into the sofa more she crossed one leg over the other, Greg's eyes dropping before moving back over her body. "Did you come in here with purely sex on your mind?"

He laughed as she sighed pulling her hand back from his. "Con wait-" "I've got work to do, Greg." Leaving the office she left him sitting where he was while she strolled straight past reception and into the ward. Sam frowned seeing her walk past before seeing Greg leave the office and walk in the opposite direction. "Ooh, a lovers tiff... I knew it wouldn't be long before living with the Ice Queen would take it's toll."

Sam glanced over to Jac as she leant against the counter talking to Oliver. Ignoring them Sam wandered away subtly in the direction of Connie. He noticed her with a patient up ahead as he moved to check on his own. Standing one side of the bed, he was able to see Connie a few beds down.

Looking up she noticed Sam had appeared. "Are you okay?" He didn't speak the words but she knew what he was asking. Connie shrugged gently with a small smile before Sam nodded towards the office at the other end of the corridor. Glancing over her shoulder slightly she turned back nodding before smiling down to her patient.

Connie stepped away from the bed first wandering along the corridor as Sam followed behind her. She pushed the office door open holding it as Sam reached forwards before letting it close behind him. She walked to the other side of the office before turning around as he stopped before her. Placing his hands to her arms she glanced up at him. "What's wrong?"

Sighing exasperatedly she frowned momentarily. "Why do you talk to me like this?" He was confused at her question and it showed on his face. "Am I just good for sex, is that all I am?" "Woah, Connie of course you're not. Where's all this coming from?" She looked around the room unsure of whether she was angry or upset anymore.

Sam stepped away as she walked back across the room. "Come and sit down-" "I mean, does he just assume that's all I want? Like that's the only reason I wanted him to move in is so that I can just have sex with him-" "Connie. Stop..." Looking over to Sam she released a heavy breath before moving across the room and falling down onto the chair beside him.

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