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Saturday March 17, 2012 6:44 pm. 

Dear Genvieve, 

           Heyyyyy therrrreeee Ginnnnnyyyyyyyy!! How are you budd??? Like I said to Erin and Tessa this is your note. do you like it so far?

So how's life? Do you still draw on your arms with the colorful pens? I have like 6 Asian pens. 3 are red, though. So did you do good on your MSA's? All we have to do is the math one and then we're finished from all that MSA prep stuff. :) I hated all those thinking maps. Enough about me, what about you? Are you getting A's in your classes? You better |'D 

So I need to tell you something, something important: Hi. xD lol. So are you still going out with Josh? Yo uand him look cute together!! <3 I wish I could get a boyfriend. But in 20 years all my friends will be married and I'll just stand by some ice cream. 

Well I have a party to go to tonight. 

I need a nickname for you. 

 Minnie Ginny!! xD 




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