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31 | "This will be fun."

With cold hands clutched around a hot mug of strong and pitch black coffee, Logan was scamming through some popular magazine Clarice had brought her last week.

Luke had been on the cover of this monthly magazine and it took all in Logan to not rip the front off and frame it to put it on the wall, because well, he looked hot as hell.

She grinned at her thoughts, shaking her head lightly before turning the page, her gaze landing on the picture that was spread over the entire page, the nearly neon lighted words making her insides turn.

Luke Hemmings tells us he's head over heels with his new girlfriend! Wanna know some more? He's telling us all!

"This will be fun," Logan whispered before sipping from the mug in her hands, eyes scanning the two pages carefully.

As you may have noticed on his Instagram, the CEO of his own company - Hemmings Inc - has shared a few hot and steamy pictures of a yet to discover face. What we do know is that we're undeniably jealous of what he told us!

"She's my safe haven, I can tell her everything. It's so easy whenever we're around each other, like it's all so naturally. I love her very much, and I'll do anything I have to do to keep her by my side."

"Look how great I look on this picture."

The deep and hoarse voice shook her from the reading she was doing, nearly dropping the mug with steaming hot coffee right on the marble floor beneath her feet.

"God damn it Luke," She groaned, hand clutched over her heart in shock before she felt Luke's fingers curl around the mug to take it from her free hand.

He chuckled and placed a loving kiss onto her cheek, taking a sip of coffee before scrunching up his nose. "The fact that you never put any milk or sugar into your coffee still traumatizes me."

Logan let out a laugh before shrugging her shoulders, "I didn't make it for you anyways," She took back her coffee before leaning forward to place a lingering kiss back, this time on his lips before she smiled.

"You're a maid, what else are you supposed to do?" Luke joked, getting a cup from the counter and his muscles flexed as he did so. Logan had to tear her eyes away from his muscly back before Luke turned back around again. He liked it way too much whenever he caught her staring.

"I can think of a few things," She shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly, not knowing that when she said this, Luke would think of way different things than her.

"Such as?" He asked her with a smirk, one she wasn't able to see because her back was turned to Luke and her eyes were still glued on the words, the story about how much Luke adored her never seeming to come to an end.

"Such as clean the room, do the laundry, iron all your button ups." The brunette answered casually, reaching for her mug to take another sip from her coffee - the one that was way too bitter to Luke's dismay.

"Oh," Luke laughed to himself, knowing that Logan never seemed to get the hint of his sexual jokes whenever she was awake for less than half an hour. "You got a lot to do for me."

Logan heard Luke laugh to himself but didn't give much attention to it. But whenever Luke didn't get a reaction out of his lover, he pouted to himself and placed his still empty cup back down onto the counter, wrapping his arms around her waist. "Infatuated by this article?" He decided to ask her.

She laughed softly, feeling how Luke's stubble carefully scratched against her cheek when he buried his head into the crook of her neck, "I'm shocked. I've never heard you talk about your 'girlfriend' before," She quoted, feeling how Luke chuckled and how his breath hit the nape of her neck.

"I know, how exclusive is that?" Luke asked her teasingly, pressing a kiss against her jaw before letting his forehead rest against her cheek and he closed his eyes.

"Kinda exclusive, what is she like?" Logan asked him seriously, placing her hands over his before tracing circles over the back of his hand with her thumb.

Luke smiled softly, "She's the most precious human being I have ever seen, so pure and so beautiful. Like an angel, really. She's gorgeous and I love her very much."

"Aren't you adorable," Logan mumbled before twisting herself around in Luke's grasp, his hands now resting around her neck whilst hers were wrapped around his waist.

"Who said I was talking about you?" Luke narrowed his eyes at her playfully, watching how Logan rolled her eyes and smiled at him with an adoring look into her eyes.

"I see the pictures you post on your Instagram, Mr Hemmings, not sure if you remembered that," She said with a small grin, "Those legs surely look a hell lot like mine every time you post them."

Luke took in a sharp but playful breath, "Ah fuck, you got me there. I'm sorry baby girl," He chuckled, placing a small kiss onto her forehead before pulling back slightly.

"I forgive you? Although I'm not quite sure for what exactly," She furrowed her eyebrows while releasing a laugh, shaking her head slowly. "I love you just as much as you love me though."

Luke looked at her without saying anything for quite a while, he just gazed into her eyes. He was lost in them, just like how he often got lost into the beautiful starry nights. "So much you want to do something for me?"

He watched how Logan's eyebrows furrowed once again, her eyes sending him mixed emotions of excitement and confusion. "Uhm- and what may that be?"

"Just say yes when I ask you to be my girlfriend?"


Also, there will be smut soon just calm your horny ass down I WILL MAKE THEM FRICKLE FRACKLE SOON DONT U WORRY

also, of course the two of them didn't forget about the anonymous letter (that wasn't really that anonymous lol) !! they just don't want to think about it that much. that is until, someone strikes again ofc (;

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