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This is just testing the waters. I know this is under 1k bc it's only a prologue and I was too lazy to keep going.

I hope you all like this new fic! It's certainly going to be a new thing for me!


Ethan was sprawled across the massive bed, the rich, dark sheets that felt of silk were loosely wrapped around his bare waist. He didn't feel cold, oddly, since he was rather sensitive to the temperature; he rolled his head to the side, he could see the sunlight peeking from behind the long curtains that covered the glass panes of the doors that lead to a balcony, but as much as he wanted to lie out in the sun, the grogginess lingered due to the long night.

He let his eyes wander to the ceiling, for once in his life, he felt completely at ease; relaxed and pliant, rather than filled with anxiousness and self-loathing. Ethan breathed easily, his eyes fluttered shut and he felt lips against his lightly bruised neck, the lips were pulled into a closed smile, soon he felt the soft sensation of fangs gently drifting down his exposed neck.

"You slept so heavily; I was almost worried."

Ethan shivered as the cool breath of his bedmate ran across his ear. He slid his eyes back open, he saw those dark eyes gazing down at him calmly, "I'm not complaining," he murmured. Ethan accepted the soft kiss, he slid his hands back into the thick hair of the man above him; the mixture of blonde and brown felt smooth under his hold, despite him knowing how rough he had pulled at his hair that night. Ethan tilted his head back with a soft moan and looped his arms around the man's shoulders, "You can never be sated, can you?" he grumbled as he felt the fangs slip into the skin of his neck.

The vampire hummed in answer, his hand cupped the back of Ethan's neck as he drank. He pulled back after a moment; he could taste the arousal in Ethan's blood, "We both have our weaknesses," he crooned, licking his lips to savor the taste of Ethan's blood. He gave his submissive beloved under him another seductive smirk as he caged Ethan's head between his arms, he leaned down low, teasing his bedmate, "What is it that you want?" he purred.

Ethan panted softly as he was toyed with, "You're a sadist," he groaned.

"You're entitled to my every whim," the vampire nibbled at Ethan's earlobe. "Every touch, every kiss, every bite mark; those mark you as mine, but you don't protest to those, do you?"

Ethan shook his head, he was whining softly; he was so close again.

"That makes you my masochist," the vampire crooned, kissing Ethan soothingly as he let go of Ethan, all the while gently shushing his beloved's protests. "You're entitled to me."

Ethan felt another shiver roll up his spine at the low, possessive growl, "I'm entitled to you," he breathed and succumbed to the pleasure.

'I'm entitled to Grayson.'


Lemme know how this turned out.

Again, I'll try to post 1-2 chapters a week. I'll post the first chapter shortly after uploading this one!

Thanks for reading!~ <3

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