Chapter 33

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As the following week rolled around, Connie returned to work wandering how long it would take for things to sink after her weekend away. "Mrs Beauchamp..." Connie slowed in the corridor as she turned around to see Greg walking towards her. "Mr Douglas, what can I do for you?"

The department was quiet as she remained beside her office waiting for him to respond when instead he walked up to her, his arms slipping around her waist as he lifted her slightly before wandering into her office. Connie laughed as he did so before he captured her lips kissing her. She lifted her arms around his neck as she responded to him, the door of the office closing as he placed her back to the floor.

Connie deepened the kiss as his hands pressed to her back firmly. She kept her arms around his neck before he parted from her lips smirking at her. "Any particular reason for that?" "You left without much of a goodbye this morning, that's all." Arching a brow she leant backwards looking to him unimpressed. "I cannot be having this just because I leave without saying goodbye in the mornings."

Greg laughed as he leaned down to kiss her again quickly. Letting her go she wandered across the office to her desk where she leant over to pick up a folder. Greg stepped up behind her quickly slapping her before she stood up and swung the folder in her hand to hit his chest. "Ow Beauchamp, abuse in the workplace-" "Report me."

She glared at him as he laughed once again before seeing the smile easing back onto her face, no matter how hard she tried to stop it. Connie leant against her desk as she folded her arms with the file against her chest. "What time do you finish tonight?" Greg wandered closer as he rest his hands against her thighs. "I've got a meeting this afternoon so whenever that finishes."

Connie sighed leaning forwards letting her head fall against his chest as he smirked. "Don't sound too happy Miss Lead Consultant... Anyone would think you didn't enjoy making people feel small on a daily basis." "Ha ha..." She muttered against his chest as he lifted a hand to the back of her head before placing a kiss to her hair.

Looking up to him he moved his hand to her cheek. "I love you." Meeting his gaze they remained as they were for a while. "I love you too." Greg let a hint of a smile flash across his face before he kissed her softly. There was something different about it, they were normally desperate and heated but instead he took his time, as though she were fragile.

Parting from her lips he smiled happily as he caressed her cheek. "I'll see you at home." His feelings were reflected on her face at hearing those words as she nodded. "You will." Greg kissed her softly once more before leaving her in the office as he returned to the department. Connie stayed where she was leaning against the desk as her mind clouded. She was really settling. Moving in together, making a real attempt this time.

Sam walked out of a cubicle to see Greg standing beside reception talking. Placing down a file Oliver glanced over at him. "How's Emma?" Lifting his eyes he nodded with a fake smile. "Good, finally dropping hours at work just as I get more." "Well if I were you I'd take advantage of Connie's good mood if you're looking to get rid of some yourself."

He nodded as Greg spoke before wandering in the opposite direction. He hadn't taken much thought of Connie since finding out about the baby, and he certainly hadn't seen her yet. Things had settled at home with Emma, but he still had the doubts in his mind. He knew that deep down, things were never going to work between them but he needed to do what was right for this baby.

Connie strolled out of her office heading up to the board room for the meeting she was sure would be several hours of hell. It passed surprisingly fast and she was able to escape only two hours later. As she walked slowly back into the department she glanced to her phone seeing a missed message from Greg.

She smiled briefly before coming into contact with someone that she hadn't seen coming. The file she had been holding dropped from her hands, the papers spreading across the floor. "Sorry..." Dropping down to pick them up she finally looked up to see Sam crouched before her scrambling for the bits of paper.

Her breath caught in her throat for a second as he lifted his head to look at her. "Hey stranger." Connie let a small smile flash across her face as she took the pieces of paper from him. "Thanks..." Standing up she placed everything back inside the file before closing it, holding it to her chest as she looked to him. "How are you?" Connie nodded glancing along the corridor and back again. "Good, you?"

Sam did the same before someone came rushing along the corridor. Stepping quickly out of the way they ended up closer than planned. Connie coughed before taking a step backwards as she looked out of the windows that ran along the corridor. "I best get back-" "Yeah, yeah..." Connie moved around him pushing the doors open as she headed into the department walking quickly as she avoided the awkwardness that seemed to have descended over them.

Connie let the office door shut behind her as she leant against it for a moment releasing a heavy breath. She had to tell Sam about her and Greg, and thinking about it whenever she wasn't around him seemed easy. But as soon as she was faced with him, it seemed like the most impossible task there was.

Sam remained in the corridor for a only a brief few seconds before he turned on his heel rushing in the direction she had gone. Connie moved across the room to her desk as the door opened behind her. Spinning around she looked to Sam standing on the other side of the office. He moved slowly across the room until he was standing directly before her, the space between them small.

Connie inhaled dropping her eyes as Sam watched her knowing something was playing on her mind. "Hey..." He lifted a hand to her cheek but she still refused to lift her eyes to him. "He's moved in... I asked him to move in." Letting her eyes rise slowly, she feared seeing his expression but was surprised to see the smile there. "And you're happy?" Reluctantly she nodded as he caressed her cheek gently.

"Then so am I." He let his hand fall from her cheek but she quickly caught hold of it. "Sam-" "You went away to work out what it was you wanted, I can't complain that you've come back with your mind made up." Keeping hold of his hand he continued to smile. "Where does that leave us?" Sam smirked with a small laugh as he looked down before meeting her gaze once more.

"It leaves us as colleagues Mrs Beauchamp... You, continuing to complain at me about not being here on time, or disagreeing with you when I shouldn't be, or because I'm purposefully trying to piss you off." Connie shook her head with a smile before looking to him again. "I was hoping you were going to say we could at least be more than that-" "What like friends? Please, Connie Beauchamp doesn't do friends." Rolling her eyes he slipped his hand from hers before wandering backwards.

"See you tomorrow Mrs B-" "It's Beauchamp." He held his hands up rolling his eyes causing Connie to push her tongue into her cheek as he slipped from the room. Sam wandered along the corridor releasing a heavy breath knowing it wouldn't take long for her to find out about Emma, but right now he needed space to focus on letting her relationship work.

As soon as the door shut Connie leant back against the desk dropping her head to her hands before sighing as she ran her hands back through her hair. For some reason his response bugged her, she knew she should have been happy with that but something deep down stopped her from doing so.

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