Strike when ready...

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- What do you mean I am a mutation piece? - I asked Rias suprised.

- You wield incredible amounts of power. I could not put you as a pawn, because Issei is already one, and all other positions like rook, knight or bishop would highly limit your power. So the mutation piece was the only shot. And honestly... I do think you may be at least as powerful as Issei is, giving the fact your Sacred Gear is unidentified.

- That is true - Akeno said - I had never seen anything like that. I know Kiba can create any sword, but that's it. Creating armors and weapons? That is new. - she came closer to me and whispered - you have impressed me. Tell me, do you have a girlfriend?

- Akeno - I replied in same volume - I do not. And for now that is the last thing I have given any thought. Besides, I am starting to think of you as one, big family. That's all. - after that she was not that bright like two minutes ago. Damn it, I need to fix it - But we are friends, right?

- Friends? - she asked surprised.

- Yes, friends. Are you good with it? - I asked her.

- Of course I am! Thank you for the explanation at least why you have no interest on romances... For a second I was afraid you might be gay or anything.

- OH HELL NO! - I said loud.

- What was that, [Y/N]? - Rias asked.

- N-nothing special Rias. Let's head back home - I said embarassed.


We arrived at ORC room, and it looks like everyone is exhausted. I decided to take a sit on the couch, and I was kinda suprised that it is even more comfy than it looked before. Maybe I was not that tired to notice it. But why is everyone so silent, and where is Akeno?

- Buchou? - I asked Rias, breaking the silence.

- What is it [Y/N]?

- Are we making those pacts today?

- I think no. That battle was more tiring and lengthy than I expected, so take the rest of the day free. Besides, we had not made a party for you and Issei.

- Why the party? - Issei asked.

- To officially welcome you to the Gremory family and ORC! - Akeno said happily, bringing tea and two cakes on a cart. This female has impressive mood swing to be honest...

- Now let's party! - Rias said and started cutting the cake. Akeno placed cups of tea in front of us.

[again timeskip]

We had some nice time, just talking, telling jokes and lame situations. We were all planning to leave to our homes, but Rias called out to me.

- [Y/N]? Can you wait for a minute?

- Sure, what is it?

- Listen, I am really sorry for that incident. I did not want to hurt you or anything. I don't want to see my precious servants sad or down. But we need to trust each other.

- I know it already, but I think you should be the last to say it... Still, I get it what you mean, but something tells me it is not everything you wanted to say.

- Yes. Do you know where Koneko was tonight? Be honest with me.

- I am not going to tell, because I think she will tell it when she feels like it.

- Okay, I expected it... And second one. How did you activated that armor?

- It was on a reflex, I would say. But the weapons and the shield suprised me... I just thought of something that would protect you from the attack and any weapon, and it made them for me.

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