Dear Mr. President... I Think I'm Dating Your Son [5]

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Cassie's POV

**Beep Beep** the car sounded outside my house.

"Give me five minutes" I yelled from my window at Kale who was parked outside my place.

"I'm half an hour late how much more time could you possibly need?" Kale yelled back

I had decided about 2 hours before Kale needed to pick me up that I'd take a nap, because I knew I wouldn't be coming home anytime soon. But I had accidently slept in, and well you know the rest.

I had just gotten out of the shower when I heard Kale's car honking, lucky I picked out my clothes earlier today and I'd already painted my nails so that made things simple. I used my GHD curler to make my hair slightly more wavy, applied my Maybelline mascara, Révlon eyeliner to accentuate my grey/green eyes. Hotpink Lancomé lipgloss to highlight the fullness of my lips, applied the slightest bit of Rimmel London blush to make my cheeks look rosy, pulled my Christian Louboutin Black strapless dress on and zipped the back. My Grandad gave me this beautiful $33, 700 Tiffany's bracelet that I hardly ever wore anywhere and today it went with what I was wearing so I put it on and matched it with studded Tiffany's ear rings and a Tiffany's chain link necklace. Next I put on my black Bianca suede pumps. I looked in my full length mirror and liked what I saw, I put my Blackberry in my Christian Louboutin Tuxedo satin clutch grabbed my house keys, my Lipgloss and my Louis Vuitton wallet and walked down the stairs and made sure I'd locked the front door behind me and walked towards Kale's car. Cassie's outfit -

He was leaning against his car, and hot? hot was an understatement he was wearing dark blue jeans, studded limited edition converse', a white button down shirt with the first few buttons left open which showed of a quarter of his chizelled chest, with his shirt rolled up to his elbow and a black vest on top to dull down the casualness and make the outfit the slightest bit formal. Kale's clothes -

His eyes scanned me and from the lust in his eyes I could tell he liked what he was seeing.

"Like what you see?" I asked puting my hands on my hips, smirking

"Mmhhmm" he said while opening the car door for me motioning me to get in.


We got there in 10mins due to Kale's unbelievable driving speed.

"News flash Kale were NOT on the speedway" I breathed trying to catch my breath... Kale chuckled getting out of the car to come open the door for me. I got out feeling really sick after that drive.

"Relax" he said putting an arm around my waist "you'll be fine after a breezer". With that we walked into the house.

I could tell we had made what you would call 'an entrance'. From the looks to the whispers and so on I felt a blush creep to my cheeks, I wasn't used to this kind of attention, I mean yeah I was popular but it's not everyday you turn up to a party with your boyfriends arch enemy. Thank God for the blush I had already applied.

"Hey Dylan!" Kale yelled over the music motioning me to come along as he gave Dylan a manly hug, you know the one where they slap each other's backs and stuff.

"Good to see you bro" Dylan laughed eyeing Kale and I but dwelling on me for a bit too long "Hey Cass" he finally said

"Hey Dylan" I smiled

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