Drama Queen

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I felt something cold and wet slide down the back of my head and my back, drenching my hair in the process. I looked up at my friends, they all had looks of horror on their faces. I slowly turned around the cafeteria was dead slient. I looked up only to see my supernatural enemy, Penny Hyser. There she stood with her groupies behind her, an empty carton of milk, and a huge smirk on artificial, stupid face.

It took everything in my power to NOT to hurt her in the worst ways possible and right now i can think of lots of them.

I simply stood up shoved my ice cream in her face, then i slapped her the sound could be heard  rebounding across the hallway

She looked at me in shock and said "you..."

"B**ch" i cut her off. I shoved by her and walked down the hallway, with my best friend Madison following behind me, to the bathroom.


I hope you guys liked it! I am sharing this bookwith my friend amanda so she could change things up I also have another account on wattpad where i am writing a book called Welcome Home... Or Not i hope you guys like it the next up date will be soon 

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