Angelina's Point of View:

Two Years Later

“So Doctor Andrew Turner how was your day?” I asked Drew as he stepped out of his class.

“It was good. How was yours, Nurse Angelina Smith?” he replied and I chuckled.

“You know we still have several years till we become doctors and nurses, right?” I asked amusedly.

“I know,” he answered “And I know you like calling me a doctor.”

“And you like calling me a nurse,” I countered.

“It’s sexy,” he said, smirking at me.

I winked at him as we continued walking down the hallway of our University. Suddenly, he stopped and when I turned to look at him I saw him glancing around the hallway. I gave him a confused look but he didn’t say anything, he just took my arm and pulled me into one of the empty classrooms and closed the door behind him.

“What are you doing?” I asked but he didn’t answer me. Instead, he pushed me against the wall and kissed me like there’s no tomorrow.

“What was that for?” I asked breathlessly when he pulled away.

“Am I not allowed to kiss my girlfriend?” he asked, raising an eyebrow at me.

“You didn’t have to pull me into a classroom,” I answered.

“Oh,” he said, raising his eyebrows “You want people to see us kissing? As far as I remember, last time I kissed you like that in front of the students, your face turned as red as a tomato.”

I blushed again as I remembered the incident. It was a few weeks ago and Drew suddenly got the urge to kiss me. As usual, I got lost with the kiss and forgot that there were students around us. I got so embarrassed that day when they all start whistling and screaming comments such as ‘get a room’.

“Yes, just like that,” he said, chuckling. Then he leaned down and kissed both of my red cheeks.

I shook my head so that my hair fell over my face, covering my cheeks.

Drew then gently pushed my hair back and when I looked up at him, he gave me a soft smile.

“I love you and don’t you forget it,” he said and I smiled. I lifted my head and stood on my tiptoes to kiss him.

“I love you too,” I then replied.

He raised his eyebrows at me in mock-shock and said, “What, no teasing this time?”

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