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The very next day was weird.

It started with us all in school, ya know regular day. But then lunch rolled around and Melissa and I were at our usual lunch table. Every so often I would look at Daniels table where he and the virginity brothers were sitting at and Carter wasn't there.

I saw him this morning as I switched through classes in the hallway. He didn't even speak to me today like usual. He only nodded his head at me Not that I cared anyway. But He looked at me and kept walking. He wasn't acting like himself today and I barely saw him with everyone else. Meaning his virginity brothers.

He was probably just having a bad day I guess but I didn't care. He was right about me getting a half grade if I did the project alone because I asked our teacher so that meant we only had a week left to complete it, together.

Before school was over I tailed him down. He was walking so fast down the hall toward the exit doors that I had to jog a little.

"Carter!" I called out once I got up to him. He looked a little stunned when he looked down at me.

"You didn't hear me calling you?" I questioned while approaching him.

His calm expressing remained cool as he said

"Oh." I swallowed. His Face was so set on being serious that I was finding myself thinking it was attractive.

Oh no, gross.

"Well we really need to get started on our project, we only have a week left."

Carter nodded and checked his ringing phone. Without texting the person back he looked back down at me while pushing his hands in his pants pockets and leaning against the wall.

"The guys are gonna be at your house, they're bringing there girlfriends."

"Ughhhh what!" I rolled my eyes.

Carter abruptly cleared his throat cutting off my disgust rant.  "Would you rather the library?" He suggested but I declined.

"No too boring, I need music and food while we work." I took a deep breath shocking myself for what I was about to say.

"How about  your house?"

Carters eyebrows bunched together in confusion then a smirk followed afterwards.
"Sure. I don't care." His dimple poking out of his left cheek as he smiled showed he was more then pleased to have me over.
"I'll text you my address."

I nodded and he began walking away. Slower then the pace he was walking before I caught him.

I watched him walk away until a thought popped into my head. "Hey Carter!"

He stopped and slightly turned.

"What did you do with that picture of us?"

A soft chuckle echoed throughout the hall as he shook his head then turned to continue walking.
"That's for me to know...and for you to never know." He answered and walked out of the school.

I sighed and rolled my eyes while watching him walk out. I couldn't imagine what he would do with a picture of us in his phone, and I didn't really wanna think about what he could do with it. I did know he wouldn't do anything stupid because my brother would kill him for ever doing anything to me.

Footsteps down the hall dragged me out of my thoughts and I was relieved to see it was Melissa. She was suppose to have detention today for being late to her 1st period class for a week straight. It was because of Justin. She told me they've been fooling around in the mornings which causes them to be late. I know they've been doing everything BUT having sex because he would have been dumped her if they did get to that point.

"No detention?" I smirked as we walked together, looping our arms. "Nope" she smiled. "I talked my way out of it, I think Mr. Peirce is a serious pervert though." She commented.

"Yuck." I exasperated. "How could you flirt you way out of detention with that old hag?" I almost vomited at the thought of flirting with our 55 year old history teacher.

"Tell me about it." She fake gagged and I rolled my eyes. "But you did it!" I laughed.

"Shut up!" She laughed back and continued to her car.

In case you were wondering yes she's back with Justin. Whatever he said to her at my house when they were all there worked of course. She fell for it like he knew she would. She was making it easier and easier for him to play her and harder for me to tell her the truth. I'm only scared because I feel like she's wouldn't believe me, or somehow they will find out I know, I was just scared overall. Looking over at her as she drove I wondered how she fell so cluelessly for him and never once wanted to listen my honest advice about him. I was her best friend.....

"What are you thinking about?" She suddenly asked while driving. She occasionally glanced over at me.

I had to hurry and think of a lie.
"Going to Carter's house to work on our project today."
Well that wasn't a lie I was actually going and the more I thought about the more I grew afraid of what would happen once I went there.

Melissa's jaw dropped.

"Joining the club finally!" She yelled in excitement.
"I knew you couldn't resist Carter. they are just all perfect and I been told you he's like In love with you."


Authors note-

Hey guys I know it's been forever! And this chapter is short but I'll post a longer one in a day or two.

Looks like Justin and Melissa are getting closer and closer to the end...

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