Chapter XII

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The February rain did not give way for days so I kept putting off writing the letter and everyone had begun to speculate about the master's plans.

"I dare say we should not leave Stanley Hall as soon as expected," Mr. Eugene talked.

"No we shall not, the master has not said one word of dispensing with the extra help and the house is nearly done," Mr. Bert pointed out as we sat for breakfast.

"What a marvelous new year is this turning out to be," Mrs. Hall rejoiced.

"I'd hold my horses if I were you Mrs. Hall, who says his intentions are not to sell the place?"

"Sell his inheritance? Are you out of your mind Gertie?" Mrs. Hall got mad.

"No but he is and we all know it," Gertie responded and Mr. Bert also disliked the comment.

"Oh Gertie if the master catches you," Mrs. Hall reprimanded her and then the master appeared at the kitchen.

"If I catch Gertie doing what? What is it this time that you will scandalize the staff with Gertie?" The master asked and everyone got up from their chairs. "I swear Gertie if you had not given me so many treats as a kid you would be out of work for there is no one who can put up with your temperament as we do."

"Well then what treat will you want today?" Gertie said and everyone laughed.

"Truffles, I shall have truffles, and Mr. Eugene you will go to the cottage to pick up my things bring them here to the tower on the east. You may take one of the staff with you for help, Mrs. Hall order this for me today and oh Mr. Bert tell the stable boy to saddle a horse I will go for a ride." He said and everyone stood around looking at the master as if no orders had been given, "have you all gone deaf or shall I do everything myself?"

"No sir, we will take care of it," Mrs. Hall got the list and he went off.

"Well, well, I better go buy what I need for the truffles before it rains," Gertie joked.

"I would ask Mr. Bert but then who will tend to the master? And the new servants will have no idea what to pack," Mr. Eugene deliberated.

"You'll have to take Ms. Johnson, she is the only one of us who can go." Gertie was having fun since Mr. Eugene was sure to detest the idea of traveling with an unmarried girl.

"Gertie I cannot possibly..."

"I know but you will have to," they talked when Ms. Johnson walked in the argument, "what other choice do you have?"

"Ugh, Ms. Johnson go pack we are going to the cottage, separately of course, you go on the first train and I will go a day later."

"Excuse me Mr. Eugene?"

"You will go first and start packing up the master's things, if you want to take a servant with you so be it. When I get there I will want a list of everything that is to be moved here, the master wishes his things to come to the tower on the east." Mr. Eugene ordered and I was glad Mr. Howard had not told him to take me, imagine a whole trip of Mr. Eugene telling me how incompetent I am?

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