7th January 2010

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Dear Diary,

I found Mummy and Daddy. They said that they were demons here to attack. They say that they come from Hell. They said that at first they wanted me dead, because they wanted me to become a demon. But now they say I've already became a demon. So I can join them. Then the doctors came into my ward, and my parents hid under the table. The doctor asked me who I was talking to, and then I didn't know what came over me. I grabbed my dinner tray and started hitting him on the head, until the Nurse, Dr. Liz came in and held me back. 

"She's the child of the 'demon' parents," she said. "Or at least that's what everybody called them."

The doctor looked sternly at me. I was so scared, I really didn't know why I hit him. Then he started speaking:

"Her parents are no demons. It's a mental illness. Just like we suspected. The whole family has 'Multiple Personality Disorder', or MPD. She has two personalities, I think."

I didn't know what he means by MPD. So I asked him. He said that if he tells me, I might get more angry and create another personality. He said that my case was quite bad. After the doctor and the nurse left, my parents came out and said that the doctor was lying. They said that we are all demons from Hell.

Then i'd better listen to them. They know better. I have to use the gun to kill everyone.

Have horrible nightmares,



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