Meeting my Mate

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Today I woke up with my wolf on edge again, ever since Saturday morning I can't get him to shut up. Pushing myself out of bed I do my daily routine to get ready for school. After I am dressed in black jeans and a white shirt along with some grey shoes I run down stairs into the kitchen.

"Good morning everyone." I say while sitting down at one of the stools watching the cooks of the house prepare breakfast.

"Good morning sweetie. My mom's voice shouted over the loud noise of pots and pans.

I watch them all work together to get breakfast prepared for the pack which is fast since they are use to doing this chore.

Everyone has a chore or a job, no matter what. The kitchen duty for example is a chore, which means everyone takes different turns in preparing the pack meals. Chores are for those who do not have a job, if you have a job you do not need a chore because the jobs around here need your full attention and time.

My mom has a job, she is Luna of the pack which means she is female Alpha. She has to look after our pack with strength and guidance just like dad who is Alpha of the pack, although he just does it in more of a political way. Both their titles make me the future Alpha of the pack which I will get to be once I find my mate which I of course have not found yet.

The cooks start to leave the kitchen with plates full of food, I follow them out as they lead to the dining room which is being filled with pack members.

There are a few hundred of us and we been the strongest pack in America for the last seventeen years. Our neighborhood pack was the strongest for almost thirty years but got wiped out by a pack of rogues.

Everyone did their greetings while I grab food to pile on my plate. I stuff the food down like always before getting up and leaving for school.

I pull into my packing space hopping out the car leaning against it while I'm on my phone waiting.

"Hey bro." I look up to see Jonas my beta; we greet and hug.

"Where is everyone?" I look around to find the rest of the group but come up empty.

His face twisted into confusion before he smiles, Oh dude there is this new human girl and had a run in with Sasha but this new girl wasn't having it. I left after that but everyone else stayed to see what happened."

I cringed at hearing Sasha's name, let's just say she is very persistent.

"Lets go check it out."

I follow Jonas across the parking lot where a disappearing crowd and an angry Sasha is while my friends are off to the side laughing with each other.

Jonas makes his way to them but just as I am, I'm hit with a mouthwatering scent that has my wolf going crazy.

Without even realizing I am following the addicting scent ignoring the calls to me.

I followed the scent all the way to the office but when I entered it is faint and mixed with the smell of coffee.

"Can I help you Alpha?". The lady at the desk known as Mrs. Brenda asks me.

I told her about the scent and asked who was in here and she told me the new girl so she of course told me where the class she was heading to right now as we speak.

Thinking it over I decide to go the long way around the school to cut her off but as I am walking letting my eagerness get in the way to find the scent, I didn't realize I bump into someone.

I look down and see the most beautiful pair of blue eyes I have ever seen. As I am drowning in her eyes my wolf keeps repeating something over and over agin in my head.

This, the most beautiful girl I have ever seen is mine. A growl wanted to come out but I held it in.

I inhale her scent and I'm greeted with a rose and woods scent that made my wolf howl in pleasure but I also smell she is human.

How can a human be my mate?

At the moment I really couldnt care less if she is human or not because all I know is, she is my mate for eternity.

All I have to do is act like a human and be not as possessive as I want. I have to fight my wolf from claiming her as we are standing here.




When Athena walks in I couldn't stop a smile from spreading across my face. I walk over to where she is but seeing her in the lunch line gave me an idea. Just as she was reaching into her pocket, I beat her to it already handing my money over to the cafeteria lady who smiled at us.

When she wanted to sit with Jasmine, I didn't think it was a good idea only because Jasmine haven't been the same since she lost her dad in a rogue attack.

It caused her to distance herself away from me and my friends, we all use to be close but that changed since that day and now she just trains and trains but with that she became the best warrior in the pack.

I sit down at my table with Jonas and the rest of the group staring at my mate from across the cafeteria.

"That's you mate isn't it?" Hazel immediately questions me while looking over to Athena.

I smile and nod.

"Oh my god you finally found your mate, congratulations." Leah says with excitement in her eyes.

"Her name is Athena. I add

"That's the girl who told Sasha off this morning." Greyson says with wide eyes.

"What did Sasha do?" I can't help the anger behind my voice.

The group hears this but Hazel just shakes her head and laughs, "Don't worry it's Sasha you should worry about because your mate handled it." She says easing my wolf.

"So anyway, Sasha got mad because Athena parked in her spot, but Athena wasn't having any of it so she got in her face. Lets just say I never seen Sasha so scared in my life." She laughs causing the group to join in.

I spent the rest of the lunch laughing and talking with my friends but every so often I would use my wolf hearing to overhear Athena's and Jasmine conversation.

My day ended with me not getting to talk to my mate again and to see her speed away on a motorcycle leaving me stunned.

I go home disappointed which my mother catches instantly. I tell both of my parents about me finding my mate and they were happy for me but when I told them she was human they were confused but they said they accept her for who she is and wanted to meet her as soon as possible.

I fell asleep with a huge smile on my face thinking about my beautiful mate Athena.

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