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(Song:An Ache So Deep)

A Thundering Metalic Love

Third Person's P.O.V

"Morning! How'd you guys sleep?" Lucy grinned towards her two companions. Gajeel yawned as he stared at her. "You're up pretty early Bunny girl, Gihi." He commented as she shrugged. "I'm an early waker I guess. What about you?" She stared at Laxus as he stared back, his mouth kept shut.

"Not gonna talk huh." She sighed. "Lucy-Nee-Chan! Why did you leave me alone!" A small childish voice whined behind her. "I'm sorry Adam you seemed so comfortable I didn't want to disturb you!" Lucy exclaimed, opening her arms for a hug. He ran into his arms, rubbing his eyes as she lifted him.

"Lucy." Amelia called, her tone firm yet gentle. They all turned towards her as Lucy smiled. "I'm so touched you all came to see us off!" She gently placed Adam down as she bent down towards Amelia. "Take care of Adam please. Don't let anything happen to him. I'll come visit whenever I can." She murmured, placing her head against Amelia's. "You know we would do that no matter what." Hikaru chuckled.

Lucy stared at him for a moment. "I'm not sure if you would do that, I know they will but you...." She trailed off, looking away. "Now, now, this isn't the time for that." Senko sighed, shaking his head. Lucy rolled her eyes and sighed as she stood. "Alright. Hikaru I-." She started only to be stopped as the clouds began to tremble.

"Senko what are you doing?!" Nokoru exclaimed. "This isn't me! Someone is trying to force a portal open into my realm!" Lucy's eyes widened as her head snapped towards Laxus and Gajeel. "Do not separate from each other! Protect Adam!" She ordered as they nodded. "Where's Adam?!" Laxus called.

Her eyes widened as there attention all snapped towards there left. "ADAM!" Lucy screamed as the clouds beneath him erupted, revealing fur as black as night, and a creature as large as Nokoru. She trembled, slowly taking a step towards Adam until she bursted into a run that soon came to an end as Gajeel and Laxus held her back.

"LET ME GO! I HAVE TO GET TO ADAM!" She screamed, struggling against their grip. "ADAM!" She cried, staring into the wide eyes of a little boy. "Lucy! Do you know how large that thing is?! It'll kill us! We can't stop it!" Laxus exclaimed. "You may not be able to, but we might." Their eyes drifted towards the group behind them as Lucy shook her head. "No...No. You can't do that! You know how strong they are!" She cried, as Nokoru shook his head. "We'll see you soon Lucy." They smiled, as they slowly walked past them.

Lucy broke into a chorus of sobs as she stared at their backs, watching them go. "Are you leaving me again?! Are you abandoning me here once more?! Don't go! Don't leave me here alone again!" She cried. They watched as one by one each slowly fell and disappeared, the beast striking everyone it could get.

"Amelia...Nokoru....Senko.....Hikaru!!!!" She screamed, tugging at her arms. "Laxus. Gajeel. Let me go. I have to save Adam..." She demanded, her voice barely above a whisper. "Bunny girl, you can't do anything! You've s-!" Gajeel started but was silenced by her glare. "I can take this b*****d down! You don't know what I can or can't do." She snarled, her eyes narrowing into slits.

She roughly snatched her arm away from them, as she stood. Her back straight, and her head held high. One by one she took a step forward, each step rumbling the clouds. She started glowing, power spiraling around her, eyes glowing and hair flowing. They watched each step she took before her form disappeared from their vision. "I'll make you pay for what you have done. I'll rip you to shreds until you beg for mercy. I'll slit your throat so your blood can dye these clouds, nothing to wash them out. I'll rip your stomach apart with my own claws as you watch your own organs fall out in front of you." Lucy's voice echoed.

The spiral of power slowly disappeared as the boy's eyes widened. Instead of the Lucy they knew, there stood another beast, a dangerous and dark aura surrounding her. Her snarl echoed, as she lunged towards the black beast, her claws digging into his back. It howled in pain before tossing and turning, trying to throw her off. She let go, landing next to Laxus and Gajeel as she lowered her head. "Take care of him." Adam slowly slid down her snout, landing in between Laxus and Gajeel. "Lucy-Nee-Chan..." He mumbled, reaching out for her.

She shot him a small smile, before growling as she landed roughly, the other beasts teeth digging into her waist as it clawed at her neck. Lucy snapped her jaws, aiming for it's heel, as it let go, circling her.

Half an hour later

Each attack continued non-stop, each bleeding with large wounds. Lucy panted, if this didn't end soon then Laxus, Gajeel, and Adam would die. She growled, lifting her paw and quickly striking down on it's eye. Immediately she launched for his throat, biting down roughly until it's movement ceased and a 'snap' was heard. Blood pooled around them as Lucy released it, turning towards the three. She trudged towards them, her steps slowly and unsteady. Her ears twitched as she heard a 'tick' behind her before she launched into a run, wrapping herself around the three as an explosion shook the clouds.

Slowly she transformed back, a tired smile plastered on her face. "I told you I could do it!" She mumbled, slowly falling forward. "Yea yea yea. Let's get out of here and get you healed, Gihi." Gajeel sighed as Laxus took off his coat and wrapped it around her naked body. "Lucy-Nee-Chan!" Adam smiled, his eyes red. "Thank goodness you're safe Adam." Lucy sighed, reaching towards him only to withdraw her hand. She was covered in blood, she couldn't let him see her like this. "Lucy-Nee-Chan, before everyone disappeared, they gave me these." He gently placed five small gems in front of her as Lucy's eyes widened. "Those fools..." She cried, reaching for them.

"Thank you for covering Adam's eyes." Lucy whispered, as Laxus nodded. "Kid doesn't need to see such a sight." Lucy smiled bitterly as she lifted a orange gem. "These are their powers, they knew they would disappear so they placed there magic in here. Those idiots..." She wrapped her them in her arms, a small light emitting from her hands as she started glowing.

She opened her hand, the gems gone as silent tears escaped. Wind surrounded them as they slowly disappeared.  

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