Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

"Ree?" The blonde barista behind the coffee shop counter called. Kamree grabbed the two coffees and made her way to the small wooden table hidden in the back corner of the shop--right next to the emergency exit.

At the table, Lizzie looked up from her smartphone with a smile. "I told you, you didn't have to do that."

"Please, I insist." Not like Kamree didn't have some money to spare right now.

"Fine, but next time it's on me," then Lizzie laughed, "I love that you gave the barista your nickname."

"They never spell Kamree right."

Kamree still couldn't believe Anonymous actually asked her out for coffee. She figured Lizzie would eventually forget that she'd mentioned it the other day. However, she'd called the office yesterday to see if Kamree was free before the recording sessions they had this afternoon. "I know it's short notice," Lizzie had said over the phone, "but I really want to have coffee with you."

Once Daxton found out--through Becca--he gave her the day off and wouldn't let her come back until her recording session.


Still, she had to admit, it was nice to be where she was right now. In a coffee shop, surrounded by the warm smell of roasted beans, dull chatter of coffee patrons, and sitting across from one of Musetunes greatest artists. All while sipping a white chocolate latte that coated her throat nicely as it went down.

"Do they go everywhere you go?" Kamree asked, gesturing with her chin at the not-so-subtle bodyguard "reading the newspaper" at the next table over. There were two other bodyguards near the exits, on alert.

When they'd walked in, the patrons in the little shop broke into whispers and stares. They could hardly believe Anonymous was here either.

Lizzie cupped her coffee between her hands. "Unfortunately. It's something you never get used to."

Kamree shrugged, "Maybe not. But I'm sure it puts His Highness at ease."

With Lizzie dating the kingdom's most eligible bachelor, it made sense for her to have bodyguards. Anyone who wanted to do damage to the royal family would only have to get to Lizzie.

Lizzie smiled and wrinkled her nose. "It's weird to hear that too."


"'Highness'," Lizzie said, "to me he's Ethan."

"How did you two meet?" It was only recently that Lizzie and Prince Ethan Alexander announced their relationship. Actually, it was around the time Lizzie finally came out as Anonymous. Not that she followed the gossip. Paisley never stopped talking about it.

Normal eight-year-olds spend their time playing with friends or running outside. Though, she'd never call her sister normal. Paisley liked to watch videos on Musetunes--some of which were entertainment news.

She was a teenager trapped in a little girl's body.

Lizzie traced the rim of her cup with her thumb. "That's a long story."

Weird. "I thought your family and his were friends for like ever. Didn't you grow up with him?"

Lizzie smiled, though it was quick and didn't touch her eyes. "Something like that."

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