Chapter Thirteen

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(Camilla's pajamas for bed)

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(Camilla's pajamas for bed)

"Mother's' right here,
Mother will protect you,
Darling, here's what I suggest,
Skip the drama,
Stay with Mama,
Mother Knows Best!" - Mother Gothel, Tangled

Thump thump

That was the sound of Camilla's heart beating. Everything in that moment stopped and she was sure her mother could hear her heart beating out of her chest. The happiness that she possessed not just too long ago was sucked out of her body as she saw her mother standing in front of her door. There was no telling what her mother might do or even say.

"Who were you talking to?" Her mother asked again.

Had she heard everything I was saying? Camilla thought as she frowned.

How can one be filled with so much joy and excitement one minute and the next it felt like a parasite latched onto your shoulder and drained out all the light that you've had? Camilla was sure that her mother was here to take away the one thing that brought light to her world. The one man that could make her shy one moment and bold the next. She was sure that her mother was here to suck out all the life that she had in her. Camilla panicked at the thought and tears sprung to her eyes.

Camilla cleared her throat and answered. "No one."

There was no use in lying to her mother or anyone because Camilla was terrible at it. Her mother could see right through her very soul and it made Camilla flinch with anticipation. It felt like the light in the hallway got brighter and the shadow of her mother got darker blending in with the darkness of her room. The only thing that Camilla could see was her mother's eyes that shone with so much disgust and disappointment. Camilla's heart ached. No one should have to feel like they disappointed their parents. Her mother's anger was coming off in waves tumbling against each other to wrap around Camilla's body all at once.

"Camilla don't lie to me. Were you talking to that Michael boy?" Her mother asked. Coleen was furious with her daughter. She knew she raised her better than the way she was acting. She raised he to make wise decisions. This one was not. Camilla needed some sense knocked into her and Coleen was going to be the one to do it.

"Y-Yes, but mom, I like him!" Camilla said quickly. The tears were forming in her eyes, but she refused for them to fall. It would only make her seem weak and being in her mother's presence, she had to be strong.

"I don't want you seeing him." Was her mother's only response. There was no way Coleen would let her daughter be with a man that's much older than she was. No matter how much of a man he seemed to be. "That man is a pedophile trying to prey on young children!"

Camilla gritted her teeth. That was the second time that her mother accused Michael of being a pedophile. Just because she said it twice didn't make her assumptions correct.

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