Chapter fourteen

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That night, this time around, we were asked to do a lot of laundry. And for the princesses who expected to put the dirty Landry into the washing machine, got the shock of their lives.

We were asked to wash with our hands. The clothes were not small, trust me. Each person had a whole mountain of dresses. But of course, it was no problem for me.


Wednesday morning, I had no class in the morning. I had a class only at one in the afternoon.
I was watching TV in the living room.

We were a few who had no classes that morning. I, Bella, Brianna and another freshman called Tia. We were with three blues and four seniors.

I was alone in the living room though.
I was watching 'BET' when all of a sudden, Bella stormed into the living room and before my own eyes, she got the remote from the table and changed the channel.
Oh, she shouldn't have done that.

I stared at her, adrenaline slowly rising in me. She collapsed on a nearby armchair.

"Didn't you see I was watching something?" I asked slowly. She ignored me and laughed at something stupid on TV.

"I asked you a question." I stated. She looked at me and scoffed.

"So? Pff! Do you have a TV or good cable back where you come from?"

Okay. The Adrenaline was all the way up. I stood up angrily.

"Excuse me??" she looked up at me.

"You heard me." she stood up to face me, "What are you gonna do? Beat me up?? You can't because you'll get in trouble."

Oh, damn. I knew I'd promised my mom I'd behave wisely, but honestly it seemed I would have to make an exception.

I approached her till our faces were a few inches apart.

"Give me the fucking remote." I said in a low voice. She smirked.


"Give it. Now."


A smirk drew itself on my lips and I shook my head. She was about to live the worse day of her life.

"Bitch." I started, "Now you got me fucked up."

I seized the remote from her hand before she could realise what was happening. She pushed me to get it. Bad mistake. As she went for it, I grabbed her by her hair.

"Ow! Oh my Gosh!" she screamed trying to fight off. She elbowed me in the belly. I flinched, and kicked her. I was gonna finish her.

When she fell, I got on top of her, raised my hand up in the air, ready to give her what we called back in the hood, 'A catholic slap'!

"No! Wait! I give up! Get off me!" she screamed like a kid.

At that moment, the house's doorbell rang.

"Rahim?! Answer the door!" I heard Chelsea shout.

I looked at Bella underneath me and without a word, I stood up. She got up too and ran upstairs, saying:

"You're an animal!"

What a bitch.

I went to the door, anger still in me.
I opened the door.

"What??" the word left my mouth rudely, before I could think.

It was Lucas who stepped back in wonder.

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