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Phew. Finally to this part, huh? Took us long enough.

Couple of quick notes:

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If you read the rules, make sure you remember to do what it said to do if you've read the rules.

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Subcategory: (Optional. If applies, put it in the last category option. If it does not apply, put N/A or don't include it in the form. TEEN FICTION/SCI-FI/ACTION/ADVENTURE/ETC ARE NOT SIBCATEGORIES. A subcategory is a category that does not already exist.)

Tags: (Optional. But please, if you don't mind, tag at least a few people)


The plot revolves around well... action. Think Mission Impossible, James Bond or the Bourne trilogy. If it has shoot outs and explosions, it's most likely here.


Your plot revolves around a quest - finding something, hiding it, reaching a place. Also think pirates, archeologists, and smugglers.

Anime Fanfiction

Fanfiction that takes place in an anime world or with anime characters.


Does your story focus on the life of a city bumpkin trying to figure out love, family and a career? Then it probably goes here.


Normally an exploration of social and political structures in a dark, nightmarish setting. Most often set in a type of twisted future. Examples: Hunger Games, The Giver, Maze Runner, and Divergent.


Fiction written using charcaters/worldbuilding from other works or real life people.


Basic fantasy that doesn't fall under any if the other categories. But there must be some form of magic/mytical creatures involved. Example: Harry Potter

High Fantasy

Fantasy set in an entirely different world, without links to the real world. Also includes those from our world going to a high fantasy world. Example: Lord of the Rings, The Chronicals of Narnia

Urban Fantasy

Fantastical creatures taken into a modern, often urban setting, with focus in the plot/world building. Example: Vampire Academy by Rachelle Meade or TMI by Cassandra Clare

General Fiction

Mature fiction about life or, until Wattpad makes it a genre, New Adult (if your story is NA, please mention it as a subcategory on your form).


Fiction placed in historical times or revolving around historical events depicted accurately. In other words, fiction placed in existing places, during different time periods, respecting historical acuracy. Example: Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell. The other Boleyn Girl by Phillipa Gregory. NOTE: Fiction placed in imaginary countries is NOT historical fiction.


If it's scary and mind twisting, it goes here. Purpose of your story? To freak people out.


The main purpose of your story is to make people laugh. The plot itself is driven by humor. Spoofs are included here.


Your book qualifies for this category if it has a main character who is LGBT within the first ten chapters or many side characters who identify as LGBT+ OR the plot revolves around issues faced by the LGBT+ community. This is because there are some admins and perhaps future judges that may have reason to be unable to read these types of books.

Light Novel
Your book qualifies as a Light Novel if your story is highly influences by anime and the plot unfolds or works similarly to how an anime plot would.


Writing a murder mystery? A story based on an intricate plot? Can no one be trusted? Your story goes here.


Stories that include supernatural creatures in real life settings with an important focus on romance. Example includes Twilight.


When you take a work that is not copyrighted and make your own story out of it. This is most commonly done with fairy tales, but as long as a work is not copyrighted, if you redo the plot as your own, it is a retelling. FANFICTION DOES NOT COUNT. It is done with copyrighted material.


Your story revolves around love and the formation of a couple or the struggles of being in a relationship.


Futuristic world? Space ships? Aliens? Out of this world tech? You're here.

Short Story

Stories with quick conflict resolution and a simplistic, often one tier plot.

Teen Fiction

Fiction revolving around the issues teenagers and young adults face, from romance to social situations and growing up.


Does your book have vampires who are highly relevant to your plot? It goes here.


Same as above but replace vampires with werewolves.

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