Chapter Twenty Two

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"You should let me love you, let me be the one to give you everything you want and need..." — Mario


Jelissa and I walked out of the theater and we were laughing our heads off. "No, dude was really crazy I wish that would be me." She said laughing, "We would have to rumble or somethin' ain't no way you taking me hostage and hold me in that dusty ass room and give me flowers, fuck you thought this was?" I chuckled as I attached my hand to hers. "I mean I guess you can hold my hand." She rolled her eyes as I held open the door for her. "You crazy as hell," I chuckled while walking through the parking lot.

When we reached Jelissa's car I leaned on the hood and she stood in front of me, "Thank you for inviting me to the movies with you. This last week has been really hard." She sighed as I placed my arms around her hips loosely to pull her closer. "You know I gotchu love... Aye remember that track I was working on with you and Mone? It's finished, you trynna hit the stu?" Jelissa just nodded and we made our way there.

The fifteen minute drive downtown was mostly silent. Jelissa had told me about her sister leaving the house and I knew it was doing something bad to her. She just didn't seem like herself. I felt like I needed to be there for her and for the past week I was. We'd spent so much time together in the last seven days, just learning about each other and so much more. Jelissa was a dope person and I think she felt the same way about me too.

We pulled up to the stu and walked inside, myself leading the way and opening up doors. Jelissa looked me up and down with a raised eyebrow, "Gentleman, huh?" She asked causing me to chuckle slightly, "Yeah but you already knew that love." I said as I sat down in my usual seat and began navigating the system. "So really how do you think Amber is going to take it. Be honest like you always do." She said as she spun around in the chair. I shrugged my shoulders, "Your girl was already acting some kind of way towards you. I think you should probably work on distancing yourself from her."

Jelissa rolled her eyes, "Well she's already doing that and we haven't said a word to her about cutting her loose. I can't ever reach her unless I'm right beside her in school." "Well then it shouldn't be hard for you. Here, listen." I played one of Jelissa's and Emone's new songs that Darnell planned on presenting to the label as a part of their demo. For now they were going to go forward as a duo and look for a third girl later with the help of the record label. I watched as Jelissa's smile widened.

"You like it?" I asked as I shut down the laptop and plopped back on the couch before Jelissa joined me. She snuggled up close to me. "Yeah it sounds really good. It's different, but still good." I started playing in her hair and before I knew it she was ready to dose off. I laughed as I shook her shoulder a little, "Girl you better wake up you gotta drive." I said and she whined like a big ole baby. I stood up and grabbed her things for her, "C'mon potna I'll drive you home." I pulled her up.

"Ayo I ain't your fuckin 'partner' August play with me if you want to." Jelissa said as we walked outside and towards her car. "You talk funny," I told her just like she tells me all the time. I was fuckin' with her and as usual I was getting on her nerves. Perfect 🤗. When I finally pulled up to Jelissa's crib I got out the car and helped her up the steps to her house and handed over her keys and purse. "You don't want to come inside?" She asked as she unlocked the door. My face turned sour quickly.

"Girl I ain't trynna die by your mama." I laughed and Jelissa rolled her eyes and took my hand and pulled me inside, "It's Sunday. Nobody's going to be here until later. We can chill for a couple of hours." "Cool," I nodded as she sat on the bottom stair to take off her shoes like I watched her do everyday on FaceTime. "You trying to kill me already? Damn I ain't even give you the D yet." Jelissa mushed my head as she stood up and I followed her upstairs to her room. She laid on her bed and invited me to do the same.

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