Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 Icy POV

All I'm thinking in my head right now is 10 ways I could kill Drake right now. He's really creeping me out.

After he came into my house I pushed him away from me and went upstairs to wash the dye out of my hair and take out my contacts. All this work for nothing! I guess I would have to return my new motorcycle too. Actually I'll probably keep it because it's a nice piece of machinery.

Going downstairs Drake came up to me and smiled at my appearance, but I just rolled my eyes and sat down on the couch. He tried to sit with me but I kicked his ass of before it landed next to me. The only way he is staying in my house is him being at least 50 feet away from my personal bubble. Now all he's doing is staring at me like a perv or something I mean he's like eye raping me from afar and I'm like dude you ain't getting any of this good stuff. I know he's my mate and everything but I don't want to do him...yet.

Now basically we're just having a staring contest, and I'll be damned if I am going to lose to this clown. My wolf made some sort or noise in agreement. I continued to stare at him until he blinked rapidly. I did a little victory dance in my chair while he growled in frustration.

"So are you just gonna sit and stare at me or are you gonna tell be what the hell you are doing in my house," I ask him with anger in my voice. His eyes flash.

"Watch your language," he bites out.

Just to annoy him I say," Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuckity, fuck, fuck," with a smirk. In an instant he's up and out of his chair leaning over me breathing hard. "Watch.Your.Mouth," he snarls. I get up too, because he's in my personal space. I push him and say," Back your ass out of my bubble and don't tell me what to do because I am not your lap dog," I say with equal venom. I glare at him hate burning holes into his eyes. He leans down and says" You are mine, so yes I get to tell you what to do," his voice was calm but I knew better. Oh hell no! I start to shake because I cannot believe what this douche canoe just said to me.

"I am not yours. You don't fucking own me, you dick," I say shouting poking his chest with my finger with each word," Now get out of my fucking house before I castrate you and make sure you don't have any children," he had taken steps back and now we were by the door. His hands held in surrender and his eyes widen a little with fear. Yeah that's right be scared of me I'm a scary bitch. I open the door and shove him out. He stumbles and glances up shock etched across his face." Get the hell out of here and don't come back," I finish slamming the door in his inconsiderate face.

I take a deep breath and will myself to calm down. After my little tirade I'm really exhausted. 'Our mate feels bad' my wolf says. Where the hell has she been? 'So now you show up' I ask her. She doesn't even give me a response. I shake my head tiredly and climb the stairs to my room. What I need right now is a good shower, I think.

Drake's POV

I stand there in shock looking at the door that was slammed in my face. I can't believe she just did that, I thought I had a temper. After she had slammed the door in my face my wolf had demanded we knock down the door and make her bow down to us. But I had controlled myself. If I had knocked down that door she would have probably had kicked my ass. She's a hella strong girl. She just makes me so angry. Why can't she just accept me already we could mate already? Most mated couples mate when they first week. You just can't deny the pull. I sighed and thought about our conversation. All males wolfs are supposed to be dominant over the female it's just how it goes and she acts like she's the boss of our relationship, well almost relationship. Using my wolf hearing I hear the shower upstairs turn on. After several minutes of standing there I hear the shower turn off and Icy entered her room. After some shuffling everything went silent. I strained my hearing and heard her soft breathing. Knowing that she hasn't fallen asleep I whispered knowing she would hear me," I will get you Icy you can count on that"

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