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Hello, and welcome to The Writer's Olympics, so named because it was the first summer contest to come to mind. And this is pitting the best against the best. So the name fits, don't you think?

Now, I'm sure you have seen multiple different award books, especially as of late. I know I have.  Not to mention the Wattys begin soon. So you may be asking why do we make this?  Why should you enter this contest out of all the other contests on this site?  Well, I'm sure the main reason is the same reason why you're looking here in the first place - it is a chance to get your story a reward. 

That isn't enough?  Okay then.  For those of you like me who don't like popularity contests, this contest will not have any voting mechanism.  That's right - this contest is purely based on the decisions of judges.  And not judges who may not be the biggest fan of your type of story or anything - judges who will choose to read from your genre.  

I've got you hooked?  Goodie!  Then let's get into the details in list format because everyone loves those!


1 - To enter this contest, you must follow this account.

2. Follow one (or all) of the admins (Cross-Warrior, TeaceFindlay, StormyTheZebra Wimbug ellenaoife). This is NOT compulsory, but it would be nice since they are/will be putting so much work into both judging and running the awards. Maybe even look at their stories. Maybe even try reading them if they catch your eye. It is merely a form of encouragement and gratitude.

3 - Stories can be entered two ways: either by the writer themselves or nominated by another user.

I wholeheartedly suggest you nominate. Show authors you love their writing so much, you think they can win awards. However, if any of the author's stories has over 100k reads, has won a big award (such as the Wattys), or the user has 1k+ followers, they must enter themselves. You can tag them in your form or here though to let them know of this awards.

You may enter two of your own stories per category.  You can recommend as many stories as you like.  They do not have to be completed. Keep in mind, though, a writer can only win once per category. Entering more than one just gives you more of a chance.

Judges may nominate for a category they are judging as long as it is not their own story. This will be kept fair, as explained next chapter.

4 - Any story may be entered as long as it is legal, the work is in English, and there are at least THREE (3) chapters (this does include a prologue; author notes are not included), will have three chapters by July 1st, or is completed. However, if your work placed in any way in the last contest, you will have to enter another work. Winners of any place of our last awards are not allowed to enter the winning book.

5 - Categories are explained where you have to inline comment to enter. Why? Because I've come to learn a lot of people on Wattpad don't understand what goes in what genre.  Some categories will not be genres but a type of story that has a very large abundance (Retelling, anime fanfic, etc.)

The guidelines are meant to help because I also noticed that some stories lost in their categories when they would have been winners if they were in a more fitting category.

The following categories will not be in this awards:

- Nonfiction (only had one entry last time)

- Poetry (as a contest that looks at objective factors before subjective, this category is too hard to do as it is primarily subjective)

- Random (little interest and was hard to judge)

- Spiritual (there are many different religions, and although we discriminate against none, it is hard to appropriately judge unless we have a judge who knows about the religion)

6 - There will be section called Subcategory in the form.

If your story has a subcategory, you must specify it there. This makes finding it later on much easier. What do I mean by finding it? Well, if a subcategory gets 10+ entries, it will be made a category.

Some popular subcategories from the last awards will be made into categories. And I need to be able to keep track of how many stories fit a certain subcategory.

Examples of subcategories include: Steam punk, Zombie, Post Apololypse/Dystopian, Super Heroes. 

Note - these are not all there are, and none that have made it into the category option here were included.

7 - If you have read the rules, put either a ♡ or a <3 somewhere on your form. Your form WILL NOT be accepted without this. If this rule sounds a bit grumpy, you have no idea how many people missed this last contest.

8 - This may annoy some people, but polish your first chapter up!  There will be a "weeding out" where only the first chapter of a book is read to see if the grammar is even decent and if it at least has a decent hook.  Why?  Because you can lose a reader within the first chapter.  It has to be good enough to grab them.  


If you have any questions, please PM either this account or my main account (Cross-Warrior) and ask.  I will try my best to answer them quickly.  If it is a vital enough question, I may add it to the rules.  I'm only human.  I may have forgotten to put something.

Now for the other thing I'm sure people are just dying to know about!


First Place:

- a follow from this account

- a follow from the judges of your category

- praising review in the special book

- comments on 10 chapters from the judges of your category

- a shout out from this account

- a shout out from the judges' accounts

- a sticker for your book

- added to a first place reading list on this account AND to a reading list of one of the judges.

Second Place:

-  A follow from this account

- A shout out from this account

- comments on 5 chapters of your book from 2 of the judges

- a sticker

- be added to at second place reading list on this account.

Third Place:

- a follow from this account

- a shout out from this account

- comments on 3 chapters from one of the judges

- a sticker

- added to a third place reading list on this account.

If anyone can think of something else that could be added or could help contribute in some way, be sure to PM this account.

Deadline for participating: June 30th, 2017

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