Chapter 9 | The First Borns' Point of View

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Chaos POV

For so many years of living, I have never seen anyone like Percy Jackson.

The Primordial Council watched him since he handed the dagger to Luke Castellan to defeat Kronos. But I watched him since the day he fought Ares by the beach.

And after watching him save Camp Jupiter and falling into Tartarus, I decided that Perseus Jackson will be the only demigod to achieve the council's blessings. But only, only if he agrees to do so. We agreed that we will grant any wish he asks of us, if ever he refuses, as long as it is within our reach.

We waited for the right time. We waited for Chronus' call. We saw him for the past 14 days, and he was full of misery. So full of pain. At night you would hear him say a name, just a single name, Annabeth. He would just suddenly burst out crying after a fight then wipe the tears after a few minutes. I was so surprised when he acted like his sarcastic self with me while talking to him.

Looking at him now; in his dirty clothes, and shattered eyes. I felt a need to help him more.

I did my usual test with the people I would want in my army. I already knew he was going to pass but of course I need to be fair to the other 4. That is why I was so happy when he said,

"I'll come with you on Xilphain."

I smiled wider.

"But,"he emphasized this part. "I will not join this stupid army. When we get there you can just leave me alone and go about your immortal life."

I expected this so I smirked, "As I have told you Percy, the council wants to see you. So I can't go about my immortal life. We are heading to the throne room for a while and then you are having a tour on the planet."

Before he could protest, I took his arm and transported us to Xilphain.


Third Person POV

However, up in Xilphain, the Primordials were having a heated conversation.

The Primordials sat on the throne room of Aquews. A large throne sat on the middle, elevated. 5 other thrones was at it's right side and another 5 on the left. It was formed in a semicircle.

Nyx, Primordial of Night, sat on the last throne in the left. Her throne was midnight black and the darkness was swirling. She wore a navy blue peplos with a black himatiob, glimmering down the floor. She wasn't keen on the idea of Percy coming to Xilphain. Though she wouldn't admit it aloud, she couldn't bear the shame the demigod has given her when he and the child of Athena outsmarted her.

Erebus sat across Nyx on the last right seat. His throne was similar to Nyx but the darkness was coming out of it, not just swirling. He wore a pitch black chiton. Unlike his wife, Nyx, he has no issue with Percy therefore he has doesn't mind leting Percy stay on Xilphain.

Ananke's throne was beside Nyx. Her throne was weaved, yes, weaved. She wore a peplos, the same as Nyx's but it was white with a few gold lines. Chaos had forbidden them to see his conversation with the boy but Ananke knows everything that will happen bacause she is the mother of The Fates. She holds everyone's destiny. Everything was just a matter of time to her. 

Beside Erebus sat Chronus, Primordial of Time. He held a clock on his hand, twirling it on his fingers. His throne was filled with swirling numbers. Wisdom and Dignity was emitted from his presence, though he appeared to be bored. He listened as Nyx and Erebus talked back and forth about how Percy should be sent to a different planet. Next to him sat Aether.

Aether, however was feeling multiple emotions at once. His golden throne was glowing as well as the ancient chiton he was forced to wear. He felt anger for the demigods who betrayed Percy and to Ananke but he knew that it has no point. He also felt delight because he will be able to have Percy live with them on Xilphain where he lived half his immortal life. He felt kinda close to Percy and the other 3 gods with his time on Earth.

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