Poem #12

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Our days are numbered,

Our happiness is timed,

Our joy is cumbered,

And our love is blind.

It is the way of life,

The life we have chosen,

The life we have been given,

When our hearts were so frozen.

We have less time,

Than we originally believed,

So why keep lying?

Stop pretending to be immortal.

We pretend to be stone,

Pretend to be invincible.

We're only skin and bone.

Fragile as glass.

It is the way of life,

The life some have broken,

The life some have ruined,

If only we chose to be more outspoken.

We all break,

We all bend,

We just need to hold,

Against the winds life sends.

I know we've tried,

Done our best to survive,

Too many have died,

Yet we continue to strive.

It is the way of life,

The life in which we dwell,

The life in which we live,

The life in which we excel.

We've broken our Earth,

We've polluted our shores,

We've undermined our worth,

We've started so many wars.

Can't we get along?

Us human creatures,

We just misunderstand,

Because of our leaders.

The ways of life are a mystery,

The life of humans can be a crime,

The ways of life fill our history,

The life of humans ain't worth a dime.

{A/N: so this makes no sense}

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