And that moment the gun slipped from my hand to the floor with a loud thump.

That surprised the hell out of me.

Lucio cursed in surprise before saying, "Calm your ass down, I was not about to shoot her." He held both his hands up as if to convey he meant no harm.

Vitale frowned at him, "What the hell is she doing here? I thought we were over these cat and mouse game, Lucio."

"And you all

Vitale shook his head and then walked over towards at me, "Are you okay?" He asked me, placing my hair behind my ear.

Okay, what the hell just happened?

His action surprised me making my eyes wide as a result.

He took notice of my surprised reaction and chuckled.

"Eh, you look--"  but before he could complete his sentence Lucio beat him to it, his phone rang and filled the whole place.

We all looked at him and watched as he received his phone and after some seconds his face darkened.

The second he hung up the phone, he looked at Vitale, "Vitale, we have a problem, it seems like."

I heard Vitale sighing in annoyance, "What now, Lucio?"

Lucio shook his head, "I cannot say it here," and then he glanced at Zoe, "Babe, can you please take Zoe to your room?"



I saw Zoe rolling her eyes, "Yeah. Yeah. Keep me out of your plan like always." She let go off his hand and took hold of mine, nearly dragging me away from the scene.

"Zoe, let me go." Her hand was tightly gripped around my mine and seriously that girl had a tight grip.

"Oh yeah, sorry." She gave me a sheepish look and scratched her back, "I just don't like when Lucio keeps me away from something." She sighed.

I gave her a small smile, "Maybe he is only doing to protect you."

She pouted, "You are supposed to take my side."

I raised my eyebrow at her, "Really? But if it leads you to die then I'm sorry I'll not take your side."

I saw her looking at me from the corner of my eyes but I looked straight.

I didn't want anymore dramas. Now that everything was over I just wanted to take a long shower and sleep till the next winter.

My eyes widened when I saw the men who nearly was about to kill me but then I remembered that they couldn't do anything.

They all rolled their eyes at Zoe who showed them her middle finger and I laughed.

This girl didn't really change.

I guess at last no really changes. We just show who we really are.

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