Chapter 24

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T H I R D   P E R S O N 'S   P O V  :

To Juvia it was no secret that jack still had somewhat feelings for her . She knew it at the moment he kissed her back . Questions still ran across her mind though . Like , where was Natsu ? Was Lyon okay , and did he get back safely ? She also wondered if the others worried for her . She wasn't exactly sure of the answers because of Lucy and her sudden close friendship with everyone .

It's been like 2 days since she's been 'kidnapped' but in all honestly she felt at peace . She didn't have to deal with all the drama that was back at her place and in school . She needed this . Maybe being kidnapped happened for a reason and maybe that reason was that she needed time for herself to think things through .

Like did she really want this or did she just miss the feeling of him holding her . Or the way he used to kiss her and whisper loving words into her ear while they cuddled together in the cold and dark of night .

But then she remembered all the good he's done for her . She remembered how she loved taking classes . How much she loved to spend time with her friends having a good time . She loved hanging out with Lyon . Even though there was alot of downs , there was also alot of ups . She finally made up her mind .

Suddenly the door opened and in came Jack with his hunting bow throwing it on the couch and engulfing her in a hug from behind .

She smiled and hugged him back . He sighed tiredly and hopped on one of the couches exhaustedly . Suddenly he noticed her thoughtful face and his curiousity spiked up . "Hey , you okay?" Jack asked her concern written all over his face .

"" She said ,her tone sounding upset and filled with dissapointment . "What's wrong ?" He asked her yet another question . "I wanna go home . I miss my friends ,my school . I miss everything . Jack , I'm homesick . " She said her voice cracking at the end .

"Hey , hey , hey don't cry . I'm here okay and I'm here for a reason . Look at me Juvia . " He told her standing up and carressing her face . Once she looked up at him he continued . "Because I promised to keep you safe and that I would come for you so we could leave together like we always said we would . "

Juvias heart was beating at a million by a mile . She never stopped loving Jack but Natsu was also a part of her life now and Natsu and her were destined to be together . But something was very off about it still . If he was really her mate he would've at least had a bit more descency and be more honest with her . In all honesty Natsu and her almost all the times they were together he wanted only sex . I mean aren't mates supposed to love eachother .

Not be only interested in their hormones and sexual experiences . He was way too comfortable to be her mate and he didn't even realize how forced she felt whenever he tried to heat things up . "Jack...I-" She got cut off by the front door slamming open and a pissed off Natsu breaking the door as well .

Hey guys sorry this is a filler chapter and well yeah . I haven't been feeling well and umm yeah . I haven't had any time to write either being so busy with school and all and yeah . Thanks for all your support and love to this story . Vote pls . Comments leave some . Things just heated up and the emding is closer than you guys think . Volume 2 is officially coming out soon so sit back and enjoy the show because there will be some additional characters . Spoiler alert ahead . If any of you read the FAIRY TAIL MANGA you might know who the character is . Anyways thanks again love you all . Till the next chapter .

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