Part 13. - You're mine

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  I was walking to school, dragging my foots. I was very tired, couldn't sleep last night, aish..


 I turned on the lights at 4 in the morning "Seriously, for how long will you stay here?". "As long as it takes for you to choose me." he smiled from one ear to another. I rolled my eyes, and yawned. I turned off the light's and lay back on the bed. After a couple of minutes, I felt warm breathing's against my cheeks. "AISH, JINJA, LET ME SLEEP!" I jumped up out of bed and picked up my pillow, threw it somewhere in the dark. I wanted to turn on the lamp, which was next to my bed, but it wasn't there. "Yah. Taehyung, where's my lamp?" as I asked that, I heard giggles coming from a direction. I was heading that way "Quit with the games! If I find you, you'll be good as dead!" It really pissed me off. Then he turned on the lights, and I was on top of him. "You found me." he smiled with his teeth's and kissed my nose. "GET OUT!" I yelled with red cheeks. "Arrasso, tch." he poked out his tongue at me and jumped out of the window. 


 Aish, jinja, that kid.. he really pisses me off. With this act of his, I'm surely choosing Baekhyun. When I entered the school, I placed my belongings into the locker and closed it. "Hee-Young-Gie!" I heard someone yelling my name. "Oh noo.." I hid my head with my bag as I started running. "Yah, where the hurry?" he was already infront of me, as I hit my head on his chest.

 "I'm just not in the mood for your games today, Taehyung." I hid my face, as I wanted to pass by him, when he pushed me back. "What's with you? Are you sick?" he grabbed away my bag from my face. "OMO! Heeyoungie, you look horrible!" he made those disgusting facial expressions which he always does. I had black circles around my eyes.

 "IT'S ALL BECAUSE OF YOU! YOU WOULDN'T LEAVE ME ALONE TO SLEEP LAST NIGHT!" as I was shouting at him, every other passing student looked at us. I looked around, as I heard gossips "Oh my god! Taehyung was at this girls house last night?" a girl said to the other, "You don't mean that they did it, don't you?" her eyes widened, "Omoo! But why her?" , "So this means that they're going out?". 

 I looked back at Taehyung with an angry expression, as I hit him on the shoulder before passing by him. He only stood there blankly.  I was sitting on a bench outside in the yard. "Aishh, when did my life turn upside-down?!" I looked up at the sky. I heard someone talking on the roof, that was behind me. I got up and slowly ran up the stairs. Curiosity was stabbing me in the back. 

I hid and listened carefully. "I'm done with everyone's bullshit." as the guy said that, he wanted to jump down. I quickly jumped up yelling "YAH, STOP!!". He got scared and almost fell of the roof. "ARE YOU INSANE?! I COULD'VE DIED!" he shouted back, looking at me, as he came back up. I quickly ran to him and pulled him back up, pushing him down, as I sat on his stomach. 

"Don't jump down! Your life can't end like this! You can do so much more! It's worthless!" I was sweating and shaking. He looked at me confusingly "What's with you? I didn't even wanted to jump down, they just sent me here, because I kicked the ball up on the tree." he was pointing at the tree. I looked back as I saw the ball hanging on the edge of the tree. "Ooohh!" I quickly got off him. I stood up and bowed "Mianhae, for thinking otherwise!". He stood up and brushed off his legs "It's okay." he smiled brightly.

 I helped him take off the ball. He thanked me and we were walking down the stairs together. We were talking and getting to know each others better. His name is Jackson Wang. He's an university student, just like Baekhyun. He's in a famous football team. His younger sister is Sanmin, they live with their grandparents, and they're very rich. 

We were laughing till we arrived to my locker. "Are you doing something today?" he smiled at me. "Uh, anii, I don't have any plans." I was putting my belongings into my locker, while I was answering him. "Cool! Do you mind coming with me on a coffee after school?" he placed his arm on my locker, when I closed it. "Sure!" I smiled. 

He waved and left, as I waved back. When I turned to the other direction, I got scared. "Hello, princess." Baekhyun smiled at me. "You scared the hell out of me!" I placed my hand on my chest. "I am the hell myself." he winked. "Yah, jinja, why do all of you vampires say the same things?" I rolled my eyes. 

"Taehyung's my cousin, don't you remember?" his smile faded. "Yeah, I do remember. Both of you are pabo's." I laughed, hitting my lap. He muttered something about Taehyung under his breath. As I heard it clearly, he was cursing. I opened my locker to take out something I forgot in it. I was biting my lower lip, while looking for it. Baekhyun was just staring at me, showing no emotions. 

"Damnit, you're so beautiful." as he said that, he shut my locker, pushed me to it, holding both of my shoulders. His grip was strong. "B-Baekhyun, students are watching us!" I've got lost in his grey, sparkly eyes. He quickly pressed his lips against mine, but then someone threw a punch into his face and he fell back. "YAH! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!" Taehyung was yelling at Baekhyun, as they attacked each others. 

I just stood there, with widened eyes. My heart was beating faster than ever. When I saw Taehyung and Baekhyun in a fist fight, I ran between them. "HEEYOUNG, MOVE ASIDE!" Taehyung yelled at me. "Are you jealous, huh?" Baekhyun was wiping the blood away from his lips, smiling at Taehyung. "STOP THIS NONSENSE!" I shouted loudly. 

Everyone kept silent. The focused eyes on us kept quiet as well. I punched Baekhyun on the cheek. His head didn't even move a bit. "OUCH! GRHHH!!" I quickly held my fist. "Taehyung quickly grabbed my arm and pulled me away to the medical room. Baekhyun was still standing there, with widened eyes. 

"I'm fine, leave." I said, a tear falling down my cheek. Taehyung just nodded as he left the medical room. The nurse wrapped in my arm with a bandage. "Mrs. Choi, your fist is broken. It cracked. You should rest your hand for a while." she said and gave me some medicine. I thanked her, bowed and left the medical room. 

I was still thinking about the kiss earlier. What was that for? What the heck is wrong with Baekhyun? I shook the thoughts. I looked up for Sunmin. "Annyeong. Where is Taehyung?" I asked her. "OMOO!! Heeyoungiee!! What happened?! Are you okay?!" she panicked, as she grabbed my arm. "I'm fine. It's nothing. I had a little accident, I'll going to be fine. Where is Taehyung?" I asked her, smiling nervously. 

"Oh, Taehyung? He's in the guys washroom cutting his shirt, as I heard from the other guys." she pushed her glasses up from her nose. "Kahamsamnida!" I bowed and smiled. I slowly opened the door to the boys washroom. "Taehyung?" I stepped in, as I saw Taehyung sitting on the floor, a pair of scissors in his hand, cutting his shirt at his arm. "What are you doing?" I looked weirdly at him. 

"Nothing. Making my own fashion." he didn't even look at me. "Are you mad?" I kneed down, infront of him. He looked up at me "Just tell me one thing.". I only nodded. "Were you enjoying the kiss?" he was almost at the edge of crying. "Of course I didn't-" when I said this, he grabbed my arm, looking at the bandage. "Does it hurt?" he looked at me worriedly. 

"A little, but I'll be fine." I smiled nervously, calming him. He kissed the top of the bandage lightly. My whole face turned red. "Yah, It's fine, I'm okay." I stood up. "Wanna walk home together?" I smiled at him. "I have detention. Because of the fight." he stood up and scratched the back of his head. "Tadaam!" he showed me the cuts which he made on his shirt. 

"It's weird, change the shirt." I made a disgusting facial expression, and left. "Yah! It's unique!" he shouted back. I grabbed my bag and was about to leave the school, when someone stopped me. "Annyeonghaseyo, Heeyoung!" he greeted me, Jackson. "Oh, annyeong!" I bowed back. "So? Want to come for a coffee?" he smiled nervously. "Sure!" I nodded. 

When we arrived at the cafe, we were talking for about a half an hour. "Heeyoung, there's something I got to tell you." he coughed. "Hm?" I smiled. "I love you." he said it clearly, looking into my eyes. Before I wanted to say anything, someone punched his fist on the table, making it crack a little. When I looked up at the person who caused it, it was Taehyung. 

"Jackson, watch this carefully." he grabbed my shoulder with one hand, and with the other he was holding my chin, as he pressed his lips against mine harshly, while looking at Jackson. My eyes widened, and my heart pounded hard and fast. Then he released me and said:

"She's mine." 

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