Chapter 25

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During that day, I couldn't stop thinking about the words Louis had spoken after English that morning. They were replaying in my head over and over again, making me both frustrated and angry because I knew he was kind of right. Sure, the main reason why he had come up to me in the first place probably wasn't because he felt sorry for Niall since I knew how he acted when he was jealous, but he still had a point.

I was being kind of selfish and mean by doing this. It was even worse than kissing Niall at the party in order to make Louis jealous. I was just so desperate to move on that I didn't know what else to do. All I wanted was to forget about Louis or perhaps make him realize that it was worth giving us a try, as selfish as that sounded. However, it was already obvious that I was a selfish person, so it couldn't get worse anyway.

There was no doubt Niall didn't deserve to be used like this, though. I mean, sure, he was a great guy and I did like him, but not as much as I liked Louis. So, basically playing with his heart like I was doing right now was probably the cruelest thing I had ever done, and I hated myself for it. However, at the same time, I knew that if there was someone I was going to be able to move on with, it was Niall.

Currently, I was headed towards my last lesson of the day; P.E. Niall was walking right beside me, his hand in mine and a big smile on his face. To be honest, I had never seen him as happy as he had been today before, and that fact only made me feel even more guilty, but hey, I was trying here, okay?

"Alright, so are you watching the game tomorrow? We are playing against the best team in our league, so it would mean a lot if you came watching," he asked, looking at me with a puppy face.

He knew that I wasn't very into football, so he was aware that he had to make an effort for me to come. However, what he didn't know was that I secretly wanted to be there since that meant I would see Louis playing, which was a sight I had missed ever since I watched them play last time. The only reason I hadn't been to another game after that was because it would be weird for me to suddenly start wanting to go there. So, this was a great excuse for me to show up tomorrow.

I pretended to think about it, waiting a few seconds until I finally replied. "Alright, but just because you asked so nicely," I winked, making his lips form into an even wider smile if that was possible.

"Thank you, Harry."

I gave him a smile in return, realizing right then that we were now standing outside the locker room. "I'll see you later, yeah?"

He nodded, taking a step forward to give me a hug. "Yeah. Bye Harry."


With that, he left me as I turned the handle to the locker room door. To my surprise, there were already a few people in there. I thought I had been unusually early to class, but I guess not since the other guys usually turned up at the very last second and changed in a hurry. One student that wasn't there, however, was Louis, which didn't exactly surprise me since he wasn't one to show up on time, ever.

Making my way over to an empty locker, I unzipped my bag and started getting changed. Thankfully, there wasn't any rude guy in there that made any comment about my presence. As mentioned before, there were people who didn't accept the fact that a bisexual guy changed in the same locker room as them, and sometimes they decided not to keep that opinion to themselves but had to mention it to me. I hated whenever that happened.

Five minutes later, the door opened and none other than Louis stepped into the room. His gaze scanned the area until it landed on me for a couple of seconds. It didn't last long, but just the fact that he acknowledged me made my heart skip a beat in my chest. Unfortunately though, he didn't glance my way another time, but instead, he walked over to the other side of the room where there was an empty locker.

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