Drunk! Abusive! stan x scared! suicidal! reader ((EDITED))

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~Warning swearing and bad spelling if you are triggered by abusive/suicidal stuff please don't read this story~

~Little editor's note, if this is going on in your life please speak up about it. This is something that shouldn't be allowed to slide at all~

~Your POV~

I woke up in pain from last night's events...


Stan came home from the pub drunk as usual, he is my husband of two years and he is the love of my life... but one year ago was when all of the abuse started and the depression. When Stan is drunk, it's scary and the abuse is worst. Anyway night is our 2 year anniversary, i have prepared Stan's favorite dinner and dessert. I heard the car in the driveway, when he opened the door...he was drunk...again..,

"H-h-hello Stan h-how was your d-d-day?" I said scared

"Shut the f-fuck up (y/n), you're so worthless...what was I t-thinking w-when i married you" he slurs making me want to cry.

"A-are you going to cry, you're s-such a baby....but I'll g-give you s-something to cry about," he said walking towards me, he punches me in the eye making me take a step back. He hit, kicked and punched me everywhere when he was done, he left me on the floor bleeding. "Fucking useless bitch," he said walking upstairs.

I slowly got up and went to the bathroom, I open the light and look in the mirror. My eyes started to water, I had a black eye, a big bruise on my cheek, a cut on my forehead and a bruise on my neck. My face is horrible, I looked at the rest of my body, it was full of bruises and cuts. I felt horrible, I started believing what Stan said about me...

I slowly reached under the sink and receive a small sharpener blade, I slowly lift up my sleeve to reveal millions of scars, I slowly pressed the blade onto my skin and pulled the blade across my skin.

20 new scars were made tonight, I cleaned the blood from my arm and the floor and slowly went to bed when I got there Stan was passed out on the bed. I slowly walked on my side of the bed and lay down next to my husband.

~Flashback End~

I cry softly getting up from the bed, I heard Stan groan, "(Y/n) can your worthless life go get me some painkillers" he said, "Yes Stan" I said rushing downstairs, I came but upstairs with a glass of water and painkillers, he took the items from my hands and slapped me across the face "WHERE IS MY BREAKFAST YOU SLUT!!" he said, i nodded out of fear and ran downstairs to cook him breakfast.

When I finished making breakfast, Stan came down ready for work. I gave him a plate and me a plate but he took my breakfast and said, "You don't need or deserve this food you fat ugly bitch" I nodded and started cleaning the kitchen. When Stan was done eating, he left the house without a word.

I slowly walked to our bedroom and sat on the bed, looking at my wedding ring, I placed it on the bedside table and walking the bathroom. I grabbed my razor, cutting up my skin. I couldn't make the pain go away so I placed the razor on my neck and slid the metal across it, I fell to the floor, making a puddle of my blood around me.

~Stan's POV~

I pulled into the driveway of my house, the house was dark... I know i have done wrong but it's how I grew up and I don't know any better but tonight I'm going to apologize to (y/n). I walk into the house and the smell of metallic met my nose, I try to look for (y/n) but couldn't find her, i look in the bathroom to see my wife on the floor covered in her blood. I fell to my knee's crying my eyes out and picked her up holding her close to me... I made the love of my life kill herself...

~Soz if it sucks~

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