Chapter 29

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---------------NALA'S P.O.V--------------

I sat at the edge of the king sized bed as I tied my left shoelace. I had choosen to wear the navy blue jeans, my old white converse and a black t shirt with the words I Don't Care printed in white. I had grabbed my wet hair into a simple messy bun and had absolutely no jewelry on, a drastic change for me.

I walked over to the mirror beside the indoor bathroom and just stood there. My bruises were almost gone except for a couple light blue shades in my arms and cheeks caused by the police chase from yesterday.

The longer I stared at my reflection, the less I recognized myself. My hair was completely different and my eyes shined a different way, but that wasn't it. Maybe it was the fact that I have choosen to escape the life of riches and class for a life of criminals and guns that made me seem different. Maybe it's the way that I was standing here, at a criminals house that made me change. Whatever had made me change, it had completely taken over me.

I took one last glance at the new me and took a deep breathe.

Starting fresh.

I nodded, as if agreeing to myself, and walked out the door. I was not sure where to go since Bruno had not completely shown me his house. I started walking downstairs where I found the living rooms, kitchen and front door.

Been here, seen that.

As I was turning to walk back up, black object caught my eye. I turned once more to completely face the unidentified object and was surprised to see a black window. Curious by this, I walked towards it, my curiosity increasing. As I got closer to the black window, I noticed its features become more like painted on than an actual window. I stopped right in front captivating wall and observed it closely. After analyzing the window for a minute or so, my eyes confirmed what I had been thinking. This was a painting. I extended my hand to touch the realistic painting and was surprised to feel a door knob.

A door knob?

I turned the black colored door knob and the window painting disappeared and turned into a door. I looked inside the newly discovered room and felt shivers run through my body.

What could be so important for him to make a secret door?

I walked inside, not bothering to close the door and carefully made my way down a few stairs. When I finally reached solid ground, my first instinct was to find a light switch. To my luck, the light switch was in the wall next to me. I turned on the small light switch and was blinded by a bright white light. I blinked multiple times as I waited for my vision to improve and once it did the fear that I felt when I first came here returned.

Infront of me were 10 televisions showing different room around the house. On the right side of the room there was hundreds of boxes filled with what seemed drugs of all types. Cocaine, Crystal Meth and who knows what else. On the left was the object that scared me most than anything else in the world. Guns. Different types of guns hanging from hooks all over the white wall. I walked towards the left side of the room as I felt my heart beat increase. I stood infront of the killer machines and holded my breathe. I reached for one of the black hand guns, goosebumps forming on my skin as my fingertips touched the cold material, and held it close to my chest. It pained me to think that Bruno had to live his life surrounded by these horrible things. I moved towards the front of the room, gun still in my hands, and stood in front of the television.

My eyes scanned over the revealing televisions as my grip around the gun tightened. As I was about to walk to the other side of the room, voices were heard coming from one of the televisions. I quickly scanned over the modern devices when my eyes landed on the television from the top right corner. In that television I could clearly see Bruno and Phillip talking. My curiosity increased as I saw Bruno stiffen and rub his neck, a sign of worry. I got closer to the screen to get a better look of them when a word caught my attention. Dead.

I put the gun down by one of the tables and started looking for a control that could possibly increase the volume. I ran to each corner of the room, when I saw a black rectangle by the small staircase. I ran towards it, tripping on some boxes, and quickly turned up the volume.

"So they think we killed Bill?" Bruno spoke loudly. "Why would we f***** kill him?"

"I don't know! The police said their first suspect is us since we were running away from the police yesterday." Phillip said as he walked around the room.

My heartbeat was at full speed as I saw Bruno's brown eyes get filled with fear and worry.

"We didn't do s***!" Bruno yelled as he pulled his hair.

"We have to leave! If the police catches us we can get arrested or worse!" Phillip was now yelling aswell.

I was now walking back towards the screen, eyes watery, and my hand reaching for the black gun again.

"We didn't kill him!" Bruno's hand hit the wall as pictures fell down.

"It doesn't matter if we did or not! If they catch us they'll throw us in jail for drug dealing, stealing and murder!"

Bruno looked at Phillip with crazy eyes. Both of their chest moved up and down at a fast speed as my hand sweated from the tight grip of the gun.

"No. We're gonna find who killed Bill."

"Bruno we have to go!" At this point, Phillip was shaking Bruno by his shoulders and Bruno was whispering to himself.

My eyes were no burning as my tears threatened to come out any minute. My hand on the gun was tighter than ever and my vision was a complete blur. I walked back as the newly heard information spinned around my head.

They're going to get him and you're next.

Images of Bruno arrested played through my head as Phillip and Bruno yelled at each other from the room. My hand was now at the trigger but my mind had no acknowledgement of this.



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