Author's Note

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Dear Readers, (wow, that sounds more formal in my head than I thought it would writing it)

It has been a long while since I took a look at this story and I must say I am ashamed at my first attempt. So little in the chapters it hurt me! I've been adding, splicing, cutting and the like so I hope this new revised version is better for you? The last felt like I had left so much out of what I wanted, what I wanted you as an audience to see in my characters.

I hope you can see a massive difference because all this was a good portion wanting to do my characters proud. I also hope there aren't as many confusing parts. If there are more, I apologise.

Still, I'm grateful that you stuck with it this long. If there are any questions on your minds, feel free to ask:)

More chapters are to come and thank you for the patience.


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