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Chapter 1

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Hey everyone, this chapter is just a fill in on what Violet is feeling and describes how other people might feel. I hope you like it!! Please vote and comment!!!

Violet xxx


The only true tortures in life are when you know, no love. Where only hatred and anger, or grief and sadness roam your feelings.  Not being able to feel things towards people, that’s a different story altogether! Love is what gets you through the day, when nothing else matters and when that little ray of sunlight is gone, there is no going back! The meaning of life seems nothing without that little sunlight to guide you through your day. The world seems to go fast forward and never meaning a thing. Some people tell you that you’re a little bit like a zombie because your still walking around eating, drinking, sleeping but it’s like you’re not actually there…well like…I don’t know the right word but I guess the word to sum it all up really is…well…LIFELESS!!!

Some people never really know what guides them through the day until it’s taken away from them. It feels like your heart is being retched out of your chest and it is just holding onto balance but with the slightest wrong move or word it could fall and break into a million pieces! There is no way of controlling this feeling and I’m not sure if anyone will ever be able to control it. I guess it’s one thing that GOD didn’t allow man kind to control. I don’t really believe in GOD because if he really did exist, I wouldn’t be feeling this pain that is ripping me open.

I guess I better explain how I got into this state. How I got myself into his mess. Well my name is Violet and I’m 16. My life was perfect! Perfect job, perfect grades, perfect friends and family and perfect boyfriend! Until that one September morning, 13th if I still remember right. I know it’s silly that stuff about Friday the 13th and that number 13 is spooked or something but that was the date and it was the worst day of my life and I will never live to forget it as long as I live.

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