Chapter 13: Filler chapter? Or not? O.O

1K 9 1 this a filler chapter?!

(( Well...Yeah..))


((YES. WHY?))

I hate filler chapters -.-

(( Okay then..))

'GAARA! AllINeverWanted is writing a filler chapter!!' I wine, glaring at her.

'Who?' Gaara says, walking lazily (( Can you walk lazily? O.o)) out of his room. Shirtless.

'I..Uhh..' I say, staring at him.

'Good morning to you too.' He says, smirking. Cocky bastard.

'So...What's happening today?' I say, staring at the floor.

'Aki. You can look at me. It's okay.' He says, still smirking.

'No! I..I'm good..' I stutter, walking into the kitchen.

'Fine. We're training today.' He says.

'Training? You don't even need to train dumbnut.' I say, making myself

'But you do. And you'll need some one who can dance. But Kankuro and Temari are..busy today..' He says.

'OH! So you mean Temari is with Shikamaru and Kankuro is with Kiba?' I say, grinning.

'Exactly, which means I get alone time with you.' He says.

'Jeez! It's like I come live with you, and now your a smexy perv!' I say, giggling.

'True. I am sexy. I dunno bout that perv part.'

'Cocky bastard.' I say, then realize that I was still in night clothes.

'AHH! I need to..go take a shower..' I say. He raises...his eyes? Seeing as he doesn't have eye brows...Uh..

'I have to take a shower. Your bod- You keep distracting me!' I say, blushing.

'I distract you? I think you have it the other way around.' He says, coming over to me. Just as his lips brush mine, I quickly move.

'SEE? I gotta get in the shower. THEN you can kiss me as much as you want.' I say.

'Hmm..Is that a promise?' He says, winking.

'PERV!' I say, then run to the bathroom.

'JEEZ! YOUR LIKE A GIRL! HURRY UP!' I say into the closed door. I wanted to start training. He had been in there for an hour and a half!

'I'm not even in the bathroom Aki.' He says from behind me.

'FUCKKKKK! Oh, you scared the shit outta me!' I yell, hitting his arm.

'Wait..then who's in the bathroom?' I say, glancing at it.


'Uh..Well, hi guys.' Kankuro says, stepping out of the bathroom. My jaw falls.

'Kankuro?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?' I say/yell.

'TEMARI. COME OUT!' Gaara yells. Then a very nervous looking Temari steps out of my room.


'Well..We wanted to see how you guys act alone..' Temari says, linking her arm with mine.

' were stalking?' I say.

'Basically.' Kankuro says, then heads for the door.

'Wait. Where are you going?' Gaara/Temari/ and I ask.

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