Sakura and canculed plans due to an inccident

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Sasuke saw how scared naruto was causeing him to get slightly worried about his mate who as now shaking like a leaf.

Sasuke got even more worried but mad at the same time as he wanted to comfort his boyfriend as much as possible but Sakura grabbed Sasuke's hand and tried to drag him away but sasuke wasn't gonna let her take advantage of him like that not now not ever "let me go" Sasuke says as he growled lowely causeing the pinkette to look, at him as cute as she possiblly can.

"But saske-kun" sakura cooed holding his arm close to her as she smirked lovingly at the raven infront of her as she soon she looked at sasuke who was glaring at her as she kissed him.

Naruto soon got ticked at the pinknette who kissed his man  though still scared of her as he growled at her darkly while being cover with a dark Arora (is this how it's spelled I really need a freaking spelling book).

With Kyuubi and Itachi

Itachi was on the ground as he tried to comfort his mate who was in pain badly  not caring that everyone was looking at them like they were insane because all he wanted to know is if his mate was gonna be ok but there was soon a loud roar that was here.

The two looked at each other "Naruto" they both said as the Uchiha picked up Kyuubi than ran off to see what was going on.

Back to Naruto and Sasuke

Sakura behind Sasuke who wasn't gonna protect her for nothing but she was at least trying so A for effort "Sasuke-kun what's happening to Naruto he's become a monster" Sakura says as she was looking at the growling blond who's nine tails were, standing up tall his ears lowered on his head as his eyes glowed red he was completely ticked "GET THE FLUF AWAY FROM MY SASUKE" Naruto growled angrily at sakura who gasped and put her hands on her hips "no he's mine so get your own beach" sakura yells back.

Sasuke rolled his eyes but moved out the way "Naruto calm down" Sasuke says as he looked at the blond who looked at him  "come on dobe its o....." "no Sasuke stay away from that beast I-I'll protect you ok" Sakura says as she standed in a protective way in front of Sasuke.

Naruto's tails flicked as he bared his fangs at her as they were about to fight until Kyuubi stopped Naruto just in time as he held his brother close in his arms "let me go she's freaking dead to me agh" Naruto growled but soon whimpered in pain as he soon, went straight to sleep once knocked out cold from his brother who seemed to have puncher a pressure point.

"sorry ma'am" Itachi says as he knocked sakura out than he looked at Sasuke who looked back at him "what am I gonna do with you" Itachi says as he sighed than picked sakura up than left to take her home.

Kyuubi allowed Sasuke to hold Naruto in his arms "we cant have Naruto ever do that again but that promise was broke keep an eye on him but were still eating at McDonald's though" Kyuubi says and petted Sasuke on the head, than Itachi came back as they soon left to McDonald's just to wait for Menma and Sasukie.

Once there they sat down at there table waiting for the two to get there.

Sasuke had to make sure that naruto's tails and ears were hidden so people wouldn't look at his boyfriend and dis him for a monster.

He held Naruto close to him not wanting to let go while Itachi sighs softly at his younger brother "don't worry Sasuke Naruto will wake up soon" Kyuubi says softly to the young uchiha who only nodded, but soon the door's to McDonalds, opened as Menma and Sasuke walked in than sat down in there chairs "hey what happened" Sasukie asks "well while you and Menma were gone a certain pink head just had decided that she was gonna try and take me away from Naruto" Sasuke says as the 4 looked, at him "but what pushed Naruto over the edge like tha...." "she kissed me in front of him" Sasuke says as he looked and growled while the blond in his arms slightly woke up and snuggled into him more than whispered 'my Sasuke'.

"what she went that far" Sasukie asked only to get hit in the head but his brother "Sasukie that's not nice to say in a situation like this" Itachi says rolling his eyes than looked back at his other brother who wasn't so happy.

"I cant believe her making my baby brother go crazy like that she needs to know how to back off" Kyuubi growled until Itachi petted him "calm down" Itachi says as he seemed to be there one to keep everyone together which was working thankfully.

"I'll go order our do you guys want anything" Itachi asks softly "ya get Naruto a milk shake I'll have nuggets" Kyuubi says as Itachi nods than left to get what they wanted.

Sasuke looked at Naruto who was starting to wake up as he looked around tired and confused " I" Naruto asked as he got up and looked around confused by everything as he got up slowly with a little bit of Sasuke's help, "we're at McDonald's" Sasuke says softly as he held naruto's hand under the table just like he did at the restaurant "when did we get here" Naruto asked looking at Kyuubi.

"a few seconds ago Itachi just went to get what we wanted" Kyuubi says as he petted Naruto softly "uh what did you get me" Naruto asks "milkshake" Kyuubi says as he looked over at Itachi but got slightly jealous and irritated when he saw the counter lady flirting with his man.

Though lucky for her Menma was holding his brother down so he would go to jail.

Naruto let out a small laugh as he looked at his brothers as he slightly leaned on his mate who didn't mind the contact one bit.

Itachi returned and put the food tray down as he sat beside Kyuubi who instently leaned on him "what's wrong" Itachi asked as he was only given a small growl from his own boyfriend "he's just mad because of the female who was talking to you" Naruto says as he, giggled "is that so" the older uchiha says as he just smiles then kisses Kyuubi on his head not caring about anyone else.


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