Ch. 35 Q & A

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    We start towards Andrew's territory in Jessica's Hummer. Andrew is meeting with the Red Wolf Pack's Beta with my father and Lennox. I know we're leaving tonight, so I'm sure negotiations will run long, until everything is decided and agreed upon by the end of the day.

"Maybe I should call them? Let them know you're coming?" Marta asks.

"No, I don't want them preparing for questions. I want truthful answers and honest reactions when I talk to them." I reply.

"You're right. Dad will start preparing some kind of speech." Marta responds, knowingly.

"We have to be back within the hour. So, ask what you need and let's get out of there. I don't need the whole pack out looking for us." Jessica says, nervously.

"That won't even notice we're gone. They're going to be in the meeting for hours. Knowing Lennox he'll insist on getting it over with today, but he won't rush it." I assure her.

"Still, I know dad and Lennox. We're dead if they find out we left without them knowing." Jessica states.

"You know they'd never let me leave. Not after what happened yesterday." I say, moving my aching shoulder slightly.

"I know and I shouldn't be taking you off our territory after yesterday either." Jessica grumbles. I can tell she's nervous and anxious about getting back home.

"You don't have to protect me, Jessica. They were once my parents, nothings going to happen. I will ask a couple questions and we can leave. I promise."

"It's not Marta's parents I'm worried about." She replies. "Dad has a lot going on right now. He doesn't need any more stress."

"A half hour. That's all I need." I respond, thankful for her help.This seems to ease some of her tension and she gives me a weak smile and nods.

As we get closer and Marta gives directions to her house. I use this time to gather my thoughts. I don't want to be mad at them, I understand that they had no choice. Yet, in the back of my mind I keep thinking there had to have been
something they could've done. I think that's where I'm having the most trouble. I need to move on and I except the fact that things can't be changed.

Why couldn't they have told me? Why did they have to wait so long? My trust and whole life changed in an instant. I felt hurt and betrayed by the only by parents I knew. Having the rug pulled out from under my feet shook me and I grabbed on to the only thing I could, Lennox.

I have so many things to be grateful for and Lennox is definitely one of them. I glance at Marta, she's another reason to be thankful my life turned out the way it did. I love her and can't imagine growing up without her.

"It wasn't so bad with us...was it?" Marta asks, hesitating briefly.

I smile turning to look at her. "I was just thinking how different my life would've been. I can't picture not growing up with you. I'm just upset about the lies, Marta. Not how I was raised, I just need to know, why?"


"Why didn't they tell me? I would've understood." I say, sadly.

"I don't know why, Joce. They don't talk about it. At least not with me."

    I nod and turn back around thinking about my real parents compared to the Robinson's. I think deep down inside I knew I didn't fit in with the Robinson's. Meeting my real parents solidified those past feelings. Seeing my real family something clicked inside of me. It felt right and gave me a sense that I was finally home. There's no explanation for it and I don't need one. My heart knew immediately that this was home.

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