Ch. 35 Q & A

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We start towards Andrew's territory in Jessica's Hummer. Andrew is meeting with the Red Wolf Pack's Beta with my father and Lennox. I know we're leaving tonight, so I'm sure negotiations will run long, until everything is decided and agreed upon by the end of the day.
"Maybe I should call them? Let them know you're coming?" Marta asks.
"No, I don't want them preparing for questions. I want truthful answers and honest reactions when I talk to them." I reply.
"You're right. Dad will start preparing some kind of speech." Marta responds, knowingly.
"We have to be back within the hour. So, ask what you need and let's get out of there. I don't need the whole pack out looking for us." Jessica says, nervously.
"That won't even notice we're gone. They're going to be in the meeting for hours. Knowing Lennox he'll insist on getting it over with today, but he won't rush it." I assure her.
"Still, I know dad and Lennox. We're dead if they find out we left without them knowing." Jessica states.
"You know they'd never let me leave. Not after what happened yesterday." I say, moving my aching shoulder slightly.
"I know and I shouldn't be taking you off our territory after yesterday either." Jessica grumbles. I can tell she's nervous and anxious about getting back home.
"You don't have to protect me, Jessica. They were once my parents, nothings going to happen. I will ask a couple questions and we can leave. I promise."
"It's not Marta's parents I'm worried about." She replies. "Dad has a lot going on right now. He doesn't need any more stress."
"A half hour. That's all I need." I respond, thankful for her help.This seems to ease some of her tension and she gives me a weak smile and nods.
As we get closer and Marta gives directions to her house. I use this time to gather my thoughts. I don't want to be mad at them, I understand that they had no choice. Yet, in the back of my mind I keep thinking there had to have been something they could've done. I think that's where I'm having the most trouble. I need to move on and I except the fact that things can't be changed.
Why couldn't they have told me? Why did they have to wait so long? My trust and whole life changed in an instant. I felt hurt and betrayed by the only by parents I knew. Having the rug pulled out from under my feet shook me and I grabbed on to the only thing I could, Lennox.
I have so many things to be grateful for and Lennox is definitely one of them. I glance at Marta, she's another reason to be thankful my life turned out the way it did. I love her and can't imagine growing up without her.
"It wasn't so bad with us...was it?" Marta asks, hesitating briefly.
I smile turning to look at her. "I was just thinking how different my life would've been. I can't picture not growing up with you. I'm just upset about the lies, Marta. Not how I was raised, I just need to know, why?"
"Why didn't they tell me? I would've understood." I say, sadly.
"I don't know why, Joce. They don't talk about it. At least not with me."
I nod and turn back around thinking about my real parents compared to the Robinson's. I think deep down inside I knew I didn't fit in with the Robinson's. Meeting my real parents solidified those past feelings. Seeing my real family something clicked inside of me. It felt right and gave me a sense that I was finally home. There's no explanation for it and I don't need one. My heart knew immediately that this was home.
I snap out of my musings when we pull up to a small ranch style home with a large porch and neatly manicured flower beds. I feel my heart pound and my eyes water. I need to do this, I can do this. I open the car door as soon as the engine stops not noticing everyone pulling in directly behind us until Marta points it out, "What's he doing here?"
I look behind me seeing Alpha Thompson getting out of a big black truck. "What are you doing here?" I ask, confused. For some reason, probably my trusting nature, I don't fear him.
"Three she-wolves leaving what is considered to be a neutral territory for the time being, to come into a territory without permission. Well, that just screams entertainment." He replies, waking towards us.
"I'm here to talk to the people who raised me." I explain, looking back at the house. I can't call them my parents, I know I should. Yet, something in me rejects the idea, maybe it's my bitterness.
"Well, I suggest you make short work of it before your mate finds you gone."
I nod and we all walk to the front door. Marta lets us in and we follow her to the kitchen. I hear a television turn off and Theo meets us in the hallway. "What is this?" He questions, looking at all of us.
"I wanted to speak to you." I reply, nervously.
"She wants to ask you and mom some questions." Marta states, firmly.
"I think that'd be nice." I hear a timid voice say from behind Theo. He shifts and I see Missy standing with a dish towel being wrung in her nervous hands.
Theo nods and we all make our way to the living room. I sit down on the couch next to Marta and Jessica, Theo and Missy sit across from us while Alpha Thompson paces behind us.
"Why didn't you tell me?" I ask, hurt.
"It was safer if you didn't know. Alpha Rhy's warned us, I couldn't risk him finding out." Theo answers, honestly. I nod in response. I can respect that he was protecting his family.
"Did you ever try to get us away from Alpha Rhys?" I inquire, wanting to know if he ever really attempted to get us away.
"There haven't been many opportunities. We took the first real shot we had." He replies, seriously.
"Grandpa? What about him?" I ask, knowing the answer already.
"He cared about about you. He thought of you as his granddaughter and loved you very much."
"His eyes-" I start.
"Completely coincidental." He replies, before I can finish.
I feel my tears. What did I come here for? I know the answers to these questions. I swallow the lump in my throat knowing what I want to ask, "Did you love me?"
"Yes!" Mom shouts, falling to her knees in front of me. She cups my face forcing me to look into her eyes. "I will always think of you as my daughter. I miss you and love you every second of the day." I feel tears falling down my face and Mom brushes then away kissing my wet cheeks lovingly.
"It's been so hard." I cry, and she hugs me tightly.
"I can only imagine how hurt you feel and I'm so sorry." She replies, almost pleading with me to understand.
We hold each other from a while before I feel a tap on my shoulder. "I'm sorry, but we should get going before they realize we're gone." Jessica says, remorse on her face.
I nod, getting Jessica that I heard. "I'll call." I state, looking at mom before standing up. "I'm not sure when I'll be back, but I want to come again."
"Yes, come anytime." She replies, wiping at her own wet cheeks.
We walk to the door quietly and say our goodbyes. I feel lighter as we drive back home. After parking we walk back inside the house and I watch as Jessica starts looking around apprehensively.
I'm not sorry for going out, or scared about getting caught. I'm emotionally drained and tired but the great burden about the Robinson's has lifted. Moving on will be easier now. I won't have to constantly wonder if the people who raised me loved me. Knowing I was loved and that everyday wasn't a total lie is comforting and exactly what I needed to hear.
I feel a arm wrap and my shoulder. "Are you okay?" Alpha Thompson asks.
"Yeah, I just feel different. I don't know how to explain it, really." I reply, confused by my own feelings.
"They didn't just raise you, they accepted and loved you. That's bound to be confusing." He replies, seriously. I give him a weak smile and he walks away.
"You feel better, right?" Marta asks.
"Yes, so much better. Thank you both for helping." I say.
"I'm sorry I made you leave." Jessica apologizes, looking guilty.
"I didn't need to stay. I got the answers I wanted." I respond, giving her a reassuring hug.
"Alright, I'm starving let's raid the refrigerator." Jessica says, breaking out hug and skipping to the kitchen.
I watch her leave and Marta follow after. I really need Lennox. I know they're busy so I walk to the kitchen. I see Alpha Thompson is already helping himself to the contents of the refrigerator making a sandwich.
Marta and Jessica start taking out leftovers and heating them up in the microwave. I sit down at the kitchen counter as a plate with a ham sandwich and a pickle is placed in front of me. "Thanks." I respond, picking up the sandwich and taking a big bite. My appetite has been non-existent for so long. I cant remember the last time I enjoyed a meal.
"I have a theory about why you're not taking your mates mark." Alpha Thompson says, sitting next to me.
"You do?" I ask, surprised he'd even be thinking about it. I thought we solved why my body was rejecting Lennox's mark?
He nods. "Yeah, have you tried marking him back?"
"No, I haven't." I reply. Thinking about it, it does makes sense. If I'm accepting the bond for a few days at a time, then maybe to get it to last I have to mark him back. A sign of acceptance would be marking him back. Why haven't we thought of this before?
"You're right. That might work." I respond, happily.
"It's rare that this even occurs. I've only read of it happening a few times and never with an alpha's mark. I think it's worth trying." He says.
"Yeah, I will. Thanks."
"I've only heard of it happening to my mom." Jessica says, joining the conversation.
"My pack documents every thing that is of importance, they have for generations. I read about it in one of the books and was going to share it with Alpha Hall eventually, but I thought I'd let you know so it's your choice." He explains.
"My choice?"
"You're not of age. You still have choices. I thought I would tell you this regardless of what I 'think' your feelings for Alpha Hall are."
"She loves him." Jessica states, glaring at Alpha Thompson.
"I do love him." I concur. There's no real choice. Lennox may have chosen me but we found love together.
He watches me for a couple seconds before responding. "Good. And I don't think you have to worry about Alpha Briggs anymore. I think he knows that he's out matched with Alpha Hall. However, Alpha Rhys is another story. I'm sure he was the father of Wendy's unborn pup."
My mouth drops, "How do you know that?" I question, my heart hammering in my chest.
"It was something she said to Rachel as we were traveling here. She said, 'Brett doesn't care about me or the baby, just her.' I'm sure Rachel was hoping that Alpha Rhys was going to attempt to save them, because of Wendy. Of course, he didn't lift a finger and he got rid of his two biggest problems, courtesy of Alpha Hall."
"You think Alpha Rhys wanted Wendy and the baby to die?" I ask, horrified at the thought.
"I think he was hoping it would happen, yes. He sent her to my territory where we kill trespassers without patting an eye. Your fathers involving and foresight to tell us before hand of her plans was the only thing to save their lives."
"So, now if Alpha Rhys comes after Lennox it can be under the guise of claiming retribution for Lennox killing his unborn baby. He can get others to help him, what Lennox did will cause a lot of anger towards him." Jessica states, connecting all the dots.
"She attacked me, she tried to kill me. Surely, we can tell everyone it was a justified kill." I say, fearing for Lennox and our pack. If were here, Alpha Rhys could attack and our members would know nothing about it.
"We have to tell Lennox." I state, starting to stand up.
"He knows. My beta told him this morning. They're doing some damage control and calling other Alpha's."
I get up, not caring and run towards my father's office. I need to know what's happening. I won't be kept in the dark any longer.

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