F/n's Adventure

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(Warnings: Argument, Burr thinking he's dying from a brain freeze, personal reflection, foreshadowing, signing autographs, random shopping, UNKNOWN POV, shorter chapter)
Wow holy shit, now I know what Y/n feels like when these seven follow her around like baby ducks. Despite the attention from the people realizing these few were the founding fathers, the walk, subway ride, and secondary walk were pleasant. Alexander angrily had his face in a red scarf around his neck, sniffling slightly as Jefferson poked fun at him. He suddenly jerked back and slapped him across the face.
"Jesus! I was just playing around!" Thomas rubbed his cheek.
"Just shut the fuck up, Thomas Jefferson." Alexander muttered, walking ahead of him, next to me.
"What was that all about?" I asked hesitantly.
"He brought up my affair. I don't like taking about it." He responded, sighing.
Burr walked a little towards the front. "So, Valentines Day... my girls would have loved this." He thought happily about his wife and daughter.
Mulligan told us to hold up, someone asking for his autograph. "Can you sign this, Mr. Mulligan?" It was a card.
He took the pen, smirking and signing it. "Here you go, kid!"
They also managed to get their card signed by everyone. Since their identities and names were re-released to the public, it's been nice. Our address hasn't been compromised, so no visitors there. This is the eighth time today they've been asked for an autograph.
Over the course of the rest of the morning, we stopped and got ice cream. Burr dropped his spoon and experienced a brain freeze. "Am I dying?" He hissed out.
Laurens laughed and told him that if you press your thumb to the top of your mouth for a few seconds it would go away. He did that.
"Good, I thought I was dying."
We also went shopping, and I allowed them to buy some more formal outfits for when we go to D.C. in two weeks.
Lafayette was distracted, staring at the floor in a look of disdain when I snapped him out of his trance. "Are you going to try that shirt on, Laf?"
"Quoi? Oh, oui..." he rubbed his eyes and disappeared into a changing room.
I knew he knew what I knew about Bf/n. He wasn't trustworthy and frankly I was just keeping my eye on him for my precinct. I won't go into that right now, I'm off duty.
Jefferson came out wearing a snazzy looking pair of brownish velvet pants and a jacket to match over a white dress shirt with a dark magenta tie. He looked great. I clapped and bowed. "All hail the third president."
This resulted in the employees here recognizing him and getting an autograph.
Burr wore a black jacket with matching pants and a simple tie underneath with a yellowish dress shirt.
Alexander wore a blue suit, with a yellow tie, looking great.
Mulligan rocked a bow tie dAMN.
Madison was plain and simple, wearing a sweater vest and a nice dress shirt with it, grey dress pants.
Laurens came out with a regular dark grey suit on. The tie made me fucking die though. It had little turtles all over it. He smiled cutely, as if asking me if we could buy it. I rolled my eyes and tossed it into the cart. He seemed happy.
Everyone did. Except Lafayette, who came out with a glorious off-white jacket with a pink tie with matching pants. I clapped. "You look great, Lafayette!"
"Thanks." He took it off and changed back to his clothes while I rung everything up. It was only like $600 because the girl at the front desk gave us a discount. One for being with the founding fathers, and two because Jefferson flirted her into lowering the price even further.
I got a text from Y/n.
Y/n: You guys can come home now.
And so, I led them home like a demented mother duck.
"Quack quack mothercluckers." I said, causing pretty much everyone in my general area to laugh.
I'm a comedian, I swear.
(Unknown POV)
Having four legs was unique to me at first, but it soon became a hassle to walk over myself. My oversized paws didn't help. I was low to the ground when before I was the tallest in America.
Y/n and her courter were talking quietly in the next room, her room. I sat, staring out of the largest glass window I had once ever seen.
I guess one might wonder who I am. I'm always referred to as Washy... She found me in a shelter with my "mother" the day she had gone on a date with her suitor to the museum and learned quiet a lot about who I originally was. I am George Washington, and she named me a watered-down version of my name that made me sound cute. I am not cute.
These idiotic animalistic instincts made me laugh on the inside as I couldn't help but sit upon Thomas Jefferson's lap, or nuzzle my snout into Lafayette's side. The dog food wasn't bad, and tasted like bland or mundane chicken.
I wondered if there was a way I could break free from my prison of a dog and tell Y/n all I've seen.
I don't trust her courter Bf/n, due to the obvious reasons he laid before me. He seems like fresh human blood, and my hound dog nose can easily pick that up. He also despises me, even on the first day when she found me, advising her to just not adopt me. Only time will tell what he really is-
"Come here, Washy. It's bath time, stinky." Y/n scooped me up into her arms and hugged my small, runt of a body close as she walked towards her bathroom. Dammit, I despise baths as a dog. I smell awful.
Anyway, I don't know what I can do, so I try to remain resilient. I'll try.

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