Unknown P.O.V

I ran my finger over the sharp knife. The room was dark as I stared at the door, leaning back on my chair, waiting for him to report what I was expecting. I heard a knock and told the person to come in. The man walked inside with a smirk.

"They're on the move, sir" He reported. I nodded my head with a smug look on my face. In a few days I'd have wiped out that stupid pack and take over Seoul. If the alpha is foolish enough to try and save a worthless human girl, he is not deemed to handle a huge pack by himself.

The knife slit my finger as blood started prickling out. The hideous man in front of me seemed confused over why I'd hurt myself and moved forward to help me but I held up a finger, stopping him from coming near me.

"Make sure that girl is hidden away safely" I said leaning forward to grab a tissue and wiping off the blood. "And do whatever you want to her" I finished and got up to put the knife away. It was a hint. I have a bad past with the beta and want to show him what he deserves.

The man nodded his head with a psychotic look on his face. He bowed and left the room.

3rd person P.O.V

Kaori stared at the old house. The last time she came here was before she got captured by J-hope. The house was nothing special, it belonged to her father and he used it as a secret hideout knowing no one would think someone lives in there. As far as she knew, Hyemi was somewhere in there. She could smell her scent.

Kaori sneaked up to one side of the house and looked for a way in. Just as she was about to open the window on the 1st floor, she heard a voice in her head. "KAORI" someone shouted. She recognized the voice as her mates and felt a chill run up her spine.

If Namjoon could talk to her through his thoughts, that means he was closer than expected. "Come back this instant" The brown haired alpha spoke in her mind. She blocked her thoughts and climbed into the house through the window.

To her surprise, her father was standing in the exact room as her. It was like he was waiting for her arrival as he stared at the window. "Otou-san" She said angrily as soon as she saw the man's arrogant face.

"Darling, you're back" He said completely oblivious to his daughter's anger and walked towards her with a smile on his face. He was probably thinking that Kaori had escaped from the enemies mansion and had come back to serve her father. But as soon as he was near enough to pat her on the head, he froze in his spot.

Akamatsu stiffened as his smile turned into a frown. He inhaled her scent and glared at her. "You have another man's smell on you" He said in utter disgust. He could not believe his daughter could do such a thing.

"Dad, I'm here. You can let Hyemi go now" She said ignoring his comment. She was not in the mood to explain herself to him.

"I won't until you tell me what they did to you. Were you raped?" He asked with an angry expression. Akamatsu was a scary man. Whenever he was angry, his face turned into a stern look and he would start shouting.

"No father I-"

"DON'T LIE TO ME" she started speaking in a small voice when he stopped her with a loud bark. She was beyond frightened to hear her father use such a harsh voice. He wasn't in a good mood. Through the 22 years of her life she spent living with this man, she had never seen him so angry.

She had no idea why he spoke in such a foul voice or why he was even that mad. Kaori moved back in fear and tried her best to think of an idea which would make him calm down. He was mad. As in psycho. He had nothing I his mind other than killing and taking over other packs.

"Otou-san!" She said "Just listen to me for once"

"Oh I don't need to" he barked. "Someone from that pack is your mate, isn't he?" He asked venom dripping from his voice. Kaori cowered back as she saw the insane smile on his face.

"I-it's the alpha" She dared to say. That's when the man lost it. He was beyond angry and wanted to kill the person who touched his daughter without his consent. Overprotective much? Akamatsu felt frustrated that the alpha, his worst enemy was his daughter's mate. Fate or not, he was going to kill that weak and pathetic wolf.

"He's not weak and pathetic" Kaori mumbled with tears in her eyes. She already knew her father would react like this. He would never accept Namjoon. "You are" She spat as anger overtook her. Kaori was done with akamatsu's stupid attitude towards her.

Rather than being happy that she was back, he was angry that she had found her mate. Ever since her mother died, Akamatsu had become a cruel and ruthless man. He didn't even care for his own daughter anymore.

Without the luna, the pack turned into a mess and everyone nice started leaving to join other packs. Akamatsu hired a psychotic rogue wolf to become the beta and he took control over everyone. He convinced her father to start invading other lands and ravaging their homes.

Namjoon's father was already an enemy to Akamatsu as far as Kaori knew. This is why his hatred for the other pack continued to grow and his hideous henchman convinced him to attack Seoul's most powerful pack. This is what they had been planning to do.

Until, Kaori was kidnapped. It caused delays in their plans as the alpha was devastated. But while Kaori was gone, the beta took complete control over the alpha. This is why he was acting like that. The whole thing was complicated.

Slap. Kaori fell on the floor and looked up at her father with complete fear. She couldn't believe her own father had slapped her.

"How dare you call your father those things" He yelled as he glared down at the girl on the floor. Kaori was now quivering because of the need to cry and because of how scary her father was being. She had a hand on her cheek in disbelief.

'Kaori! Who did that? Are you alright? Babe answer me' A deep voice spoke in her head. Namjoon was panicking because he literally felt the slap on his own face. He knew someone had hit his precious mate and was worried for her. He wanted to kill the person who had even dared to do it but he didn't know where Kaori was.

"You're coming with me" His father said in a stern voice and grabbed her arm roughly, making her stand up and lead her to an unfamiliar room.

"You're coming with me" His father said in a stern voice and grabbed her arm roughly, making her stand up and lead her to an unfamiliar room

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Just a glimpse of Hyemi even though I left her to your imagination

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